PC Review: Team Indie

It's a cat!

It’s a cat!

By: Ted Chow

What do you get when you put some of the industry’s most iconic indie characters into a game together? Team Indie of course! And for those that enjoy their favorite characters coming together in a family-friendly 2D platformer, Team Indie offers a light-hearted experience for all ages to enjoy.

CONTROLS (3.75/5)

Team Indie provides the standard controls you’d expect from a 2D side scroller. Movement is bound to the arrow keys with D for your jump and S for special abilities, which are unique to each character. X and F are special buttons that allow you to rewind and fast forward your characters for strategic reasons. There is no option to re-bind your keys, but the option to play with a controller is available if you prefer.


With solid character sprites and hand-painted backdrops, the graphics provide a pleasant aesthetic to indulge upon. As a family friendly game, the color palette is very warm and inviting without all the flashiness or UI clutter to distract your attention. The graphics settings offer a resolution slider, but there isn’t much difference in the actual visual presentation.

The soundtrack is a carefree light acoustic that complements the overall tone of the experience the developers hope to convey.

GAMEPLAY (4.25/5)

You take command of the main protagonist, Marvin, a cat that was unfortunately transported into the game world and must enlist the help of beloved indie characters to return home. Marvin will travel across points on the world map and be brought into a stage similar to a Mario game that must be completed in order to advance. Occasionally new characters will become playable in the stages and need to be used strategically in order for Marvin to reach the end point.

Team Indie has an interesting game mechanic that allows you to rewind and fast forward the action of your characters. Rewind is essentially a redo of a past action(s) in order to set up proper strategies to get past certain obstacles. The characters have special abilities such as sliding, wall running or platform creating skills that contribute to Marvin being able to interact with said skills.

What I also found interesting was that a shadow copy of the character plays out the action sequence that you initiated in the background as you continue as a different character. The pacing of the shadow recording can be adjusted with the fast forward button to offer some great puzzle-solving opportunities. This adds a level of gameplay depth I haven’t seen in many other games and is what makes Team Indie stand out amongst its competitors.

Beyond completing the stages to move on, crystals and trophies can be collected within the stage to increase your overall end score and unlock achievements (both on Steam and within the game itself). The trophies you collect on your journey are visible in a specific world area where they are showcased based on their respective characters. If you missed any of the trophies or crystals on your initial run you can replay the stage again, and most likely you’ll have to, in order to acquire missing items.


Team Indie is a family friendly, casual 2D platformer that brings your beloved indie characters together for a grand adventure. With an interesting mechanic with the rewind and fast forward feature, the puzzles you come across will offer a fair but rewarding challenge. In today’s world where games only focus on graphics and overused mechanics, it was definitely a nice change of pace to find something new and refreshing.


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