PS Vita Review: Run Like Hell!

It’s like a marathon here!

It’s like a marathon here!

By: Uma Smith

Released by Mass Creation, Run Like Hell! sprints its way over to the PlayStation Vita in hopes of giving the infinite runner gameplay that attempts to be as challenging as… well, hell. The question is if there’s enough endurance in this downloadable title to give players a “run” for their money.

Run Like Hell! plays out pretty much like Temple Run. But in this case, your character is constantly running towards the right side of the screen in a 2D fashion. Still, you’ll just be in charge of the jump and slide all to avoid the incoming obstacles. On top of that, there is the shoulder buttons that allow you to control sprinting.

From all this, Run Like Hell! is extremely simple in terms of controls, but that doesn’t mean the game is light on difficulty. Keep in mind that you need to ensure that you don’t slow down since you are being chased by a savage tribe, but, at the same time, you need to dodge the obstacles.

That being said, the levels you “run” into pretty much stay the same throughout. So pretty quickly, it can feel repetitive. A few power-ups are available to be picked up during your level run, which gives a little flavor to the gameplay.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much variety to really spice things up. Mainly, there is adrenaline throughout the level that’ll allow you to speed up with a simple press of the d-pad. Additionally, when challenging players, there is lightning strike as well as the fog that can be used to slow down your pursuers.

In terms of its appearance, the graphics are presented artistically with smooth and fluid animations. Meanwhile, Run Like Hell! offers effective audio effects, although it’s not exactly going to be a home run in terms of leaving a lasting impression.

Run Like Hell! has a couple of modes for you to engage its gameplay in. The arcade mode is your typical endless running experience where you’ll put your skills to the test to see how long you can last. In addition, the story mode gives you 30 levels across different locations.

In this situation, however, it turns out to be monotonous, despite the few cut scenes featured in this game. All these do is just indicate that you’re moving on to another area. The story mode takes a couple hours to complete, which is really short but appropriate for casual plays.

In terms of unlockables, Run Like Hell! has character skins as well as adrenaline boosts that can be purchased by collecting coins. One of the ways to do this is to engage in the arcade mode, thereby potentially encouraging players to revisit these levels. Another way is to directly purchase coins through the PlayStation Store. Either way, it’s a very familiar formula adopted by many endless runner titles. And because of that, there really isn’t much to make Run Like Hell! unique in this respect.

Thankfully, there is the online mode that allows you to participate in a variety of races, be it one-on-one, four-player challenge, or even an eight-player knockout tournament. This is where Run Like Hell! has some excitement included in its content. Unfortunately, this may not be enough to keep this Vita game alive in the players’ hearts.

OVERALL (2.5/5)

Run Like Hell! isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re not receptive to such a simplified yet challenging type of gameplay. This particular PlayStation Vita title is appropriate for casual plays and therefore would be recommended if this is the type of game you’re into. If not, then run like… well, you know.


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