PS Vita Review: DayD Tower Rush

I like my enemies extra crispy!

I like my enemies extra crispy!

By: Uma Smith

Initially available only for iOS devices, DayD Tower Rush arrives on PlayStation Vita in hopes of leaving an impression on another segment of the portable gaming market. With the concept of time travel leading to a mix of dinosaurs and turrets galore, will this new set of audience “rush” on over to this particular version of tower defense?

After being hurled back in time to the Jurassic era, you will have to defend yourself from incoming prehistoric creatures. As with other games of this genre, they will follow a number of predetermined paths that all lead to a point in your base that you must protect. As such, you’ll have a variety of weapons to place, including catapults and turrets, that differ in terms of firing rate, range and amount of damage on enemies. Considering how certain enemies are more vulnerable to particular types of attacks, how you choose your weapons is key in ensuring success.

On top of that, upgrading your weapons accordingly is just as important. One way to do that is by earning fossils through mining (with the help of a certain tower) or wiping out dinosaurs. Doing so will allow you to upgrade your defenses; however, you’ll also need to consider the notion that these fossils can begin to deplete. Consequently, you’ll end up being very restricted in building your towers. There are also special abilities that can be unlocked to perform quick and heavy damages. But these too are limited in numbers, especially as you progress to the later waves.

So then you also have what’s called the i-volve resources, which allow you to perform upgrades on a permanent basis to your towers. While these are the most effective of the resources to make use of, they are also the most scarce. You’ll definitely feel the crunch when you reach the Triassic era, at which point having the next level of weapons is vital.

It is here where you will contemplate whether or not you’ll want to purchase resource packs from the PSN store just for the quick and convenient way to get these permanent boosts to your defenses. So your level of enjoyment may be dependent upon this choice.

If you elect to refrain from spending any cash, then expect a lot of repetition and frustration during your gameplay. If you decide on going for the spend, however, then progression will be swifter, thus leading to some further entertainment. But even then, the game can be pretty limited in the fun factor.

Graphically, DayD Tower Rush looks both colorful and detailed. The variety of effects may not be special enough for this game to stand out, but overall on the PlayStation Vita screen itself, the visuals appear stellar. On the other hand, there really isn’t much one can say about the audio aspect. While it does help in complementing the on-screen action, the sound effects aren’t going to blow you away.

OVERALL (2.75/5)

While DayD Tower Rush is available for free on the PlayStation Vita, you may be enticed into spending some cash in order to progress through the ridiculous spike in difficulty at a certain point. Because this is not the most unique tower-defense game out there, you’re better off avoiding this micro-transaction trap and just playing until your interest wanes.

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