PSN Review: Kung Fu Rabbit

NO!!! That carrot is mine!

NO!!! That carrot is mine!

By: Uma Smith

More than a year after its release for the Vita, Kung Fu Rabbit finally jumps onto the PlayStation 3. This title already hit the Wii U, so it’s no stranger to the home console, even though its appearance has been predominately in the portable gaming realm. So what took this rabbit so long??? And is it worth a download?

CONTROLS (3.75/5)

Kung Fu Rabbit functions almost identically to its Vita counterpart in terms of the control scheme. I say “almost” because there is one missing function: the option to use either the touch screen or rear touch pad to assign the jump command. Without that, you just have jumping and using power-ups to keep track of for your control scheme.

Hence, it’s very simple to get by. The only thing that will take some time to get used to is how floaty your character jumps, which can feel awkward initially. Otherwise, you’ll be beating your opponents as if you’re a black belt.


While Kung Fu Rabbit looked pretty delightful on the Vita, the PlayStation 3 version appears too simplistic in comparison to titles already released on the home console. It has the same minimalist appearance and graphics as the Vita, however it’s this very reason that the straight translation over to the PlayStation 3 results in very little impact. Still, the light-hearted audio effects and soothing oriental soundtrack give its charm that’s fitting to the game’s overall impression.


Given that Kung Fu Rabbit is essentially the same between the Vita and PlayStation 3 versions (the original review can be found here), you should find every aspect, be it the levels, mechanics or gameplay, to be consistent across platforms. That being said, the enjoyment factor still remains as consistent and uplifting as before.

The 2D platforming levels are plentiful and short while the enemies you encounter can provide a bit of a challenge. Even though it’s not a long game, Kung Fu Rabbit still has costumes and special weapons that will get players engaged for a little while.

As a PlayStation 3 title, it’s not the most outstanding amongst other games within the same genre. But as a Vita port, it affords you the opportunity to experience the addictive adventure and action on a different platform.

OVERALL (3.75/5)

It’s a pity that it took over a year for Kung Fu Rabbit to finally arrive on the PlayStation 3. However, if you already own the Vita version, then you have the PS3 one conveniently available to be downloaded for free! And for the price of $4.99 at the PlayStation Store, it’s definitely dangling a “carrot” for potential players who have not experienced its “hopping” goodness.


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