PS Vita Review: Table Top Racing

It’s time to burn rubber at this BBQ!

It’s time to burn rubber at this BBQ!

By: Uma Smith

If you enjoyed playing with toy cars, such as Hot Wheels or Micro Machines, then it’s time to bring back your childhood (or perhaps adult) memories. Here comes Table Top Racing for the PlayStation Vita thanks to Ripstone as you’ll be able to race your way through various everyday objects at a much larger scale. Will this particular title be the “top” racer to date amongst players’ eyes? Read on.

CONTROLS (4.25/5)

Driving around and racing in a video game calls for tight and responsive controls. And in the case of Table Top Racing, you get exactly that. Maneuvering and making sharp turns couldn’t get any easier than this, and with the use of the Vita’s rear touchpad, you can quickly change your view to see what’s on your tail. Although this can be detrimental for those who constantly activate this function accidentally, it can be very convenient and accessible nonetheless.


Table Top Racing’s graphics are decent at best. The overall look is filled with a colorful display of sprites that offer some degree of detail. However, there doesn’t seem to be much variety when it comes to the environments. Still, the game runs very smoothly with no hiccups in frame rate whatsoever.

Audio wise, the sound effects do the job well in delivering some excitement to the driving experience. Meanwhile, the racing gameplay wouldn’t have been as enjoyable if it weren’t for some of its catchy tunes.

GAMEPLAY (3.5/5)

As mentioned, Table Top Racing will have you racing in environments through the lens of a toy car. Its combat is similar to that in Mario Kart where there are wooden crates throughout the tracks that give you various weapons and abilities, such as speed boosts, mines and homing missiles. This is pretty standard when it comes to the gameplay, which can prevent this title from appearing unique to players.

There are four championships to complete in total. Each consists of at least 30 events, including standard races, time trials and eliminations. Additionally, you also get the chance to try out some drift challenges as well as participate in other specials events.

In terms of challenge, players may find the computer opponents to be a bit too easy for the most part, thereby robbing them from any satisfaction when it comes to winning. On the flip side, the rubber banding AI may seem unfair considering how you are prevented from being too far ahead of your computer opponents.

Luckily, Table Top Racing has plenty of content in terms of the number of vehicles to be upgraded and unlocked. After each event, you are given coins that can be used toward your car for improvements, such as the ability to jump and spikes to use against your opponents. You can even go as far as purchasing new vehicles, each with their own unique look and kickbacks. And with the ability to customize the paint job of your car, it’s quite easy to get involved in this game.

What gives Table Top Racing its replay value is the ability to play with others, be it via ad-hoc or online. Still, while engaging in a race with three other friends can bring some joy, it would’ve been nice if more cars could enter into the mix.

OVERALL (3.5/5)

Since Table Top Racing is best for short, casual sessions, it’s not a make-or-break racing title. Still, with plenty of customizations, unlockables and events to participate in, it’s suitable for your PlayStation Vita for a decent price.


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