PC Review: Kill The Bad Guy

If he’s buying food from a bodega he might not need intervention to die.

If he’s buying food from a bodega he might not need intervention to die.

By: Jeff Cater

Developed and published by Exkee, Kill The Bad Guy is a game where you are tasked with dispatching various Bad Guys. Rather than simply shooting them or hucking a grenade their way, Exkee elected to use a more discreet approach: all of the killings are to look like an accident. Since they are bad guys, however, we can call them happy accidents.


Kill The Bad Guy is a mouse driven game, aside from being able to move the camera with the arrow keys. Left click will select or deselect the objects scattered about the level, and the various prompts that pop up to manipulate are clear and easy to read. Basically if you can click and drag you’re good to go, it’s pretty streamlined and simple.

The only thing that could boost the score here is if the developers added a right-click drop-down menu for moving, rotating and associating objects to one another; the current buttons tucked in the top left corner break up the pace a tad.


Visually, Kill The Bad Guy is extremely minimalistic in terms of action and detail as the levels are sheets of white and grey. Immediately you’ll be able to tell what objects you are able to manipulate as they are much darker than the backgrounds, kind of like those old Hanna Barbara cartoons. “Hmm, wonder which one of these doors is going to open!”

The interface and The Bad Guy contain color, but again, the detail is pretty minimal aside from a humorous target plastered on The Bad Guy’s face, and he’s wearing some grimy leather bad guy jacket to go with it. There are also buckets of blood that will splash all over the stage if The Bad Guy is provided with a gruesome enough death, so the lack of detail in the environments is served mostly as a clean slate for your handy work.

Similarly, the audio is barely there but extremely effective. The bad guy’s death screams are fun to listen to, and the blood plash gives a good weight to the visuals. The main menu and level briefings are accompanied by a bouncy hip-hop melody with some dudes rapping “Kill the bad guy, kill the kill the bad guy,” which is actually stupidly catchy and sets the ridiculous tone for the game right off the bat.

GAMEPLAY (4.5/5)

While the graphics, audio, and control department all took the small, minimalistic road, the gameplay popped some “Truckers Love It” and floored it. Your designated target, The Bad Guy, will patrol a small segment of a level. Your job is to manipulate the environment in such ways that The Bad Guy meets his demise. This can mean anything from rigging up pianos from a roof and snipping the line as he passes underneath to hot-wiring an automobile to run him down in a parking lot.

After the first few levels of linear construction, the game opens up a bit more to creativity, lending crafty players an edge in attaining points by thinking up wacky ways to dispatch your target. As mentioned in the Controls section, the only improvement to the game would really be a more intuitive interface for selecting and activating objects. That being said, the gameplay is strong and very open ended later on in, with more and more options opening up each time you beat a level.


Kill The Bad Guy is a pretty unique offering: it’s heady, cheap, chock full of levels (over 60) and has a hilariously addictive hook. Finding the next physics object in the level to interact with is always fun and can lead to some share-worthy moments.


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