DLC Review: Deadpool Pinball (Zen Pinball 2)

Mini Deadpool talks through the game. A lot.

Mini Deadpool talks through the game. A lot.

By: Mike Chen

The developers at Zen Studios have consistently made engaging and creative virtual tables filled with fast action and plenty of interactive elements. It’s hard for casual gamers or pinball fans to really have any issue with the design of their tables, so how much you enjoy your Zen Pinball experience really comes down to the theme.

Zen’s newest table is based on Marvel Comics character Deadpool. How much you enjoy the table is probably going to be based on your familiarity with Deadpool and whether or not you like him. For the uninitiated, Deadpool may look like some sort of samurai/Spider-Man mash-up, but the “Merc with a mouth” is a weapons-toting wiseass. Zen’s Deadpool Pinball includes many elements of this, including his love of explosives, his snarky banter, and references to Weasel (Deadpool’s pal and sometimes partner-in-crime) and the Hell House (a mercenary hangout).

Deadpool is voiced by veteran voice actor Nolan North, and while his performance is solid and true to the character, how much you embrace the banter will depend on whether or not you think Deadpool is witty or annoying (the same tends to be true of the comics and animation that Deadpool is in). As there are only a limited amount of lines for North, you’ll hear the same things over and over again during an extended playing session.

From a pinball perspective, Deadpool Pinball comes with some Zen traditions, such as fully animated elements and quick time events. The table’s ramps, bumpers, and layout are effective, though you won’t find any particular innovations here. This table also introduces Blind Mode, which darkens the table so only the ball and a few other items are lit.


Zen’s Deadpool Pinball is solidly designed, but your enjoyment of it depends on how much you want to hang out with Deadpool and his somewhat repetitive lines. Fans of the Marvel character will find much to love here; others may find other tables more to their liking.


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