Nintendo 3DS Review: Another World

I really hope he has enough stamina for this situation.

I really hope he has enough stamina for this situation.

By: Uma Smith

Another World was regarded as a highly innovative video game title back in the 1990s with the implementation of its cinematic effects. The transition between gameplay and the cut scenes was seamless, thus giving rise to its notoriety of various console platforms of that era. Those of you who never heard of this game now have a chance to try it out in your Nintendo 3DS. It’s time to enter… “another world.”

CONTROLS (3.5/5)

Right off the bat, one will notice that the movement seems kind of awkward and unresponsive. On top of that, the game does not make any use of the Nintendo 3DS’s bottom touch screen. Although there is no explanation from the game to describe the controls, they are simple enough to figure out. The A button allows you to run or perform an action while “B” jumps. When you pick up a weapon, tapping the button allows you to pull off a normal shot, a brief hold and release creates a shield, and a longer hold and release fires a more powerful shot. So while the controls may not be tip top in terms of responsiveness, through trial and error you’ll be able to get a hold of all this.


Considering that Another World is a game from the 1990s, one shouldn’t expect much in terms of the graphical and audio departments. While it’s true that there are some enhancements to both respects, you won’t be seeing any 3D or true high-definition enhancements. In fact, on the Nintendo 3DS, only the top screen is used. Although you can see the contrast between the original and “improved” graphics with the simple push of the Y button, you’re not going to get any re-mastered treatments here.

As for the audio, you can also choose between the old school or enhanced sounds, which are actually a nice touch being added. Either way, it helps to really immerse you in the environment.

GAMEPLAY (3.5/5)

Another World begins with your character arriving at his high-tech underground laboratory during a thunderstorm. While working on his experiment with a particle accelerator, a lightning bolt strikes the laboratory, messing with the accelerator and ultimately teleporting the character onto a barren, alien planet.

While this game is essentially a platformer, your gameplay will heavily depend on trial and error. Each scene takes just a couple of minutes to complete, which apparently saves automatically behind the scenes as you progress. There is usually only one way to successfully get past the scenes. As such, later in the game, the solutions can seem quite obscure and thus take some time to figure out.

It should come as no surprise that Another World is a tricky game to journey through. It’s very easy to make a wrong move that leads to instant death. Luckily, there are an unlimited number of lives. On top of that, there are particular scenes where you need precision in timing and accuracy as you fire your gun. Otherwise, you end up being toast for your enemies.

Thankfully, when you do end up dying, the game won’t send you all the way back. There are checkpoints (although not obvious) that you revert back to if you fail along the way. Additionally, Another World prevents your character from being stuck in an environment as well as prevents you from getting trapped in an endless loop.

For new players unfamiliar with Another World, it may potentially seem like a chore to go through the game with all this trial and error. It may even seem quite excessive. While the game is straightforward, the right actions toward progression are not. Those who already know the “answer” to all the puzzles presented in Another World can complete it in about an hour. However, everyone else may require a significantly longer period of time, which may or may not be the source of the game’s downfall.

OVERALL (3.5/5)

The gameplay behind Another World may not be suited for everyone. However, those who have a soft spot for adventure games could welcome this title to their Nintendo 3DS. Players may even find themselves potentially immersed in “another world” of gaming history.


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