DLC Review: Whistleblower (Outlast)

Nice bow tie, Zombie Carlton.

Nice bow tie, Zombie Carlton.

By: Jeff Cater

When last we visited Mount Massive we were in the sweaty loafers of Myles Upshur, recording the harrowing breakdown of the sanatorium while simultaneously becoming a product of the place. With Outlast: Whistleblower we assume the role of Waylon Park, Myles’ initial contact who tipped him off to the happenings at Mount Massive.

The events of Whistleblower run parallel to the main game, so a few key events and characters will be shared. As you start, Waylon is shooting off an e-mail to Myles regarding the twisted facility. Soon he is called upon to fix a computer error in a testing chamber in what appears to be an underground complex.

It quickly becomes apparent that the people currently utilizing Waylon’s expertise are not his immediate colleagues, but likely his employer’s somewhat darker sector. It appears that Waylon is nothing more than a simple I.T. guy for the Murkoff Corporation.

Without giving too much away (with a title like Whistleblower!) Waylon soon finds things going very badly for him, and he will have to face horrors that Myles had only documented but not lived.

After becoming part of the experiment, which seems to involve brainwashing via image association, Waylon looses himself from his restraints and the adventure truly starts. You’re a new patient at Mount Massive. Just like the vanilla game, the camera is your best friend in the world.

It does seem like the batteries drain much faster than before, which serves to make the player progress hastily and recklessly to ramp up the intensity considerably. This can lead to wandering around in the dark if you don’t keep a brisk pace or get stuck, but it effectively makes the experience more engaging and filled with desperation.

Being on the other side of things in the Outlast world shows you true derangement, and Red Barrels did a wonderful job using explicit gore, showing absolutely horrible cases of mutilation and experimentation. There’s a lot of content within that is EXTREMELY graphic, to the point where a game like Soldier of Fortune looks like an episode of Fraggle Rock.

The game also relies a lot less on “jump scares” and tends to feature moments of fear concerning the unknown terrors of the facility and the human psyche. Sure, the gore is abundant but is used only as a peripheral detail to something that is much more twisted and unfortunate.


Whistleblower is a good example of DLC that truly adds to the experience of the original game, and any fan would do well to pick this up and explore Mount Massive from another pair of eyes. An unfortunate, desperate, horrified set of eyes.


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