Win State of Decay Lifeline on XBLA!

SOD SmallSomewhere buried within our imaginary bylaws is Rule 6.9, which clearly states new contests start on Thursdays; however, Amendment 1.87 states that the aforementioned rule can be circumvented if the prize being awarded contains the killing of copious amounts of the undead (AKA zombies). That means we’re in luck and can offer you the chance to win an XBLA code to download Undead Labs’ newest DLC, Lifeline, for the zombie death simulator, State of Decay. Now that we’ve cleared the red tape, let’s get to the winning!


To enter simply let us know which video game character YOU would call for help in the event of a zombie outbreak in the comments section below. Please include your Twitter @handle when posting.

Sample Comment
Juliet Starling


Winners will be selected on Monday, June 9th. All entries must be submitted by 8 PM EDT/5 PM PDT on Monday. Please note that although anyone can enter you must be following me on Twitter to win.

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47 Responses to Win State of Decay Lifeline on XBLA!

  1. Frank West.

  2. 18 says:


  3. Kyle Nicol says:

    Coach- L4D2

  4. Colin says:

    Rochelle from LFD2

  5. Kaylah says:

    Claire Redfield

  6. logandx says:


  7. blindsniperz20 says:

    The Dragon Born

  8. Chad Seibold says:

    Dr. Freeman

  9. blindsniperz20 says:

    The Dragon Born

  10. Polerand says:

    343 Guilty Spark for his experience

  11. albojairo says:

    Ada Wong RE6

  12. hsith says:

    Francis from Left 4 Dead

  13. drscientifico says:

    Leon Kennedy

  14. Ruven says:

    Nathan Drake mass murder,monkey man and thief.

  15. Patrick says:

    Master Chief. He’s pretty good at killing, and not dying.

  16. Omri Alon says:

    Faith from Mirror’s Edge (because free-running zombie apocalypse survival game, anyone?)

  17. Jack/Subject Zero from Mass Effect

  18. Matthew Testa says:

    Sam B – Dead Island


  19. Brandroid says:

    SuperMan…he’s in video games, so he’s a video game character. And considering all his powers, I’m sure could clear the zombies out in no time.

  20. Carrie says:

    Ripley (Alien) because she is bad ass!
    @ iersmeisje

  21. Wen says:

    Ada Wong

  22. celsowm says:


  23. Gold Campus says:

    Rick Grimmes

  24. ilRadd says:

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer (loved the 2 games on the Original Xbox)

  25. eugaet says:


  26. dylan151999 says:

    Master chief

  27. Carlos Polar says:

    Steve (Minecraft)

  28. Samba Toad says:

    Green Rhee

  29. bryan_0906 says:

    Sir Daniel Fortesque from the MediEvil games!

  30. Mark says:


  31. Chris says:


  32. Alex says:


  33. Geoff says:

    Nemesis. RE3 (In this scenario he’d be on my team.)

  34. Leon S. Kennedy

  35. isak says:

    Coach (left 4 dead 2)

  36. zerop1 says:

    Mega Man

  37. Robbo says:

    Tofu Survivor

  38. Ami says:

    Gordon Freeman

  39. itspirrip says:


  40. Night says:

    Issac Clarke

  41. Leon says:

    Duke Nukem

  42. darklurkr23 says:

    This still open?
    Godzilla XD

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