PS Vita Review: Destiny of Spirits

Pitting a gunslinger against those creatures? Talk about a strange situation!

Pitting a gunslinger against those creatures? Talk about a strange situation!

By: Uma Smith

The issue with free-to-play games is whether or not you actually do need to spend money to get the full experience and satisfaction. While you do get to play the game without paying a penny at first, it may soon daunt you that you won’t be able to go further without having to fork over some dough. Otherwise, you may spend a really long time to build up experience in order to proceed just a little bit further. So, will the PlayStation Vita’s release of Destiny of Spirits be one of those games that can ultimately turn away players who want to spend minimally? Let’s find out.

If fantasy turn-based RPGs are your thing, then you’re in luck. There’s not much of a story other than the fact that you are fighting in a realm filled with the sins of mankind. In Destiny of Spirits, you will be summoning a wide range of spirits, each with an element of earth, fire, water, wood, or metal attached. When you engage in combat, you’ll be controlling your spirits and their skills to attack your opponents, keeping in mind that there is a timer counting down.

Each time you play the game, you’ll acquire Destiny Orbs, which are important if you want to be able to perform advanced summons — that basically means the characters you end up with are more powerful or effective. Where the money-making scheme kicks in is when you have to go into the PlayStation Store to get even more Destiny Orbs. To be fair, you don’t really need to spend money if you don’t wish to do so. It’s just an alternative way to speed up the process.

Where your impression with Destiny of Spirits may become negative is when your party of spirits has to be revived. Either you’ll need to wait 15 minutes for that to happen or you’ll need to dish out some more cash. This is not new for free-to-pay titles out there, but it is an irritant that can put off a lot of players.

Graphically speaking, Destiny of Spirits looks decent, although the animation is basic at best. The artwork style is very pleasant to look at with its fair amount of detail. Still, don’t expect some ground-breaking graphics. Instead, a nice scenic visual experience is what Destiny of Spirits has to offer.

Fitting well with the game’s fantasy theme is the Celtic music playing in the background. The soundtrack becomes enchanting and soothing, thereby making the overall presentation satisfying at the very least.

OVERALL (3.25/5)

Destiny of Spirits is a mixed bag when it comes to suitability and enjoyment for players. While you won’t miss out on any content if you don’t spend money, you will be taking a longer time to advance in the game. Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to download this title for your PlayStation Vita and give it a try.


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