DLC Review: Revelations (Lords of Shadow 2)

Alucard battles Sephiroth in the "long white hair with a sword" category.

Alucard battles Sephiroth in the “long white hair with a sword” category.

By: Mike Chen

Lords of Shadow 2 began with a lot of promise but ultimately fell apart when the game began shifting between standard ass-kicking fun and unfortunately designed modern levels. Now, Konami has promised much more of the former with Revelations, a DLC focused on the events leading up to the main game.

Revelations strips Lords of Shadow 2 of its worst qualities — namely, the modern levels with their inane stealth and poor layouts. Instead, you play as Alucard, a series staple since Castlevania 3 on NES. For Game Of Thrones fans, that’s Richard Madden providing the voice, so if you ever had hopes of seeing Robb Stark cosplay as Final Fantasy’s Sephiroth, that’s essentially what the cut scenes deliver here. Alucard uses a sword rather than a whip attack, but the controls are more or less the same thing. Where Alucard differs, though, is his use of special powers.

Like the main game, Alucard’s special powers tend to only be used in context-necessary situations. However, these are simply much better than the ones in the main game. Spectral wolf allows you to run through obstacles and traps while reverse time undoes damaged structures for access and crossing. Turning into a swarm of bats allows you to reach higher areas.

The DLC puts a greater focus on puzzle solving than the main game, which offers a nice change of pace. Some of these are timing based, though, and that means that the game’s sloppy controls factor into achieving your goal. Similarly, while many of the poor design elements have been filtered out, Revelations still has the two major gameplay issues: problematic cameras and unbalanced enemies.

OVERALL (3.75/5)

At about three hours, Revelations won’t keep you busy for too long, but it’s a nice addition to the Castlevania canon. For fans that have been wary of purchasing Lords Of Shadow 2, this shouldn’t change your mind. However, if you’ve already got the game, this is an enjoyable — though not groundbreaking — add-on that is worth the small time and money investment; as long as you keep your expectations in check.

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