Nintendo 3DS Review: Cut the Rope: Triple Threat

Just not after midnight.

Just not after midnight.

By: Casey Curran

While Angry Birds is considered the iPhone’s biggest success story, I always preferred its second fiddle: Cut the Rope. Featuring fun, simple gameplay and a wealth of content, it always gave me something fun to pass the time with. So, naturally, I enjoyed when Cut the Rope: Triple Threat offered the original, Experiments, and Time Travel in one package, albeit at a significantly higher price.

CONTROLS (4.25/5)

Being a port of an iPhone game, Cut the Rope naturally has some very simple controls consisting of nothing more than swiping the touch screen to cut ropes and tapping it to manipulate tools scattered around. This setup already worked very well on iPhone, but a stylus gives the game a little more precision than just swiping with a finger. The only real issue here is that occasionally two ropes will be too close to each other, making it hard to cut one but not the other. This is not frequent, but it is noticeable enough to get annoying.


While being a port of a cheap iPhone game means Cut the Rope has very simple controls, it also means that it has a very simple look. Due to the 3DS’ low-resolution screens, the game actually looks worse on the system than it did on the iPhone.

Music is enjoyable in all three games, though it’s mostly the same. Experiments, however, ensured I played with the sound off thanks to a shrill scientist’s voice constantly chiming in every time you failed. This may be the most annoying voice I’ve ever heard in a game, really hurting my enjoyment of it when I had the sound on.


Cut the Rope has a very simple premise: Get candy to a little hungry creature. The bulk of this will be done by cutting ropes that the candy is attached to at the right time as part of physics-based puzzles. The game is constantly throwing hazards and tools to assist you, which help this simple idea constantly be done in new ways.

These new hazards are critical to the game remaining fresh, whether you are in the second world or are about to finish the last level. Each one introduces their own unique challenges, such as a chain that can only be cut with a buzz blade, which runs the risk of destroying the candy.  The additional hazards only get more creative with the later games, with Time Travel in particular being full of creative threats.

There were a few issues present, however. The puzzles can get a little too specific, where you need to cut the rope at exactly the right momentum and position. This is especially bad in the levels that require multiple steps, as just one overly specific requirement at the end can ruin you. Other than that, however, the simplicity allows the game to keep from running into more really bad issues.

OVERALL (3.5/5)

Cut the Rope: Triple Threat is a difficult game to score. On one hand, there definitely is enough content and fun to justify the price tag, and I would even say this is the definitive version. On the other hand, $30 is steep when these three games can be bought on a mobile device for less than $10 combined. If you lack a smartphone or are looking for a good game for your children that do not have one, then it is definitely worth picking up.


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