Nintendo 3DS Review: Skater Cat

Get ready to jump…

Get ready to jump…

By: Uma Smith

Generally speaking, one can argue that while games are getting more technically advanced, they can also be more violent. However, if you take a different perspective, you can see that that are companies, like Teyon, that are still making kid-friendly games. One such example for the Nintendo 3DS, Skater Cat, is making its way over to the eShop in hopes of winning over the younger crowd with its simplicity and cuteness. Will the featured kitty be able to “skate” over to this arena successfully?

You take control of a cat named Ollie as you ride on a skateboard in a side-scrolling 2D platformer. The objective is simply to get through each stage to the goal as quickly as possible. The best way to do that is by meeting other cats along the way who will speed you up as they accompany you.

Controls are very simple as you just have movement and the jump command to keep track off. You’ll be able to move your cat back and forth, but the feel is pretty slippery since you are on a skateboard. Although Skater Cat is easy to pick up and play right away, it also can be a challenge to gain mastery of the controls.

Considering that there’s a meter to keep track of, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to replenish as you collect the fish that are placed in various spots in the level. Take note that if the meter does get too low, your fellow cats will stop following you. Therefore, having a high enough meter is key to keeping your speed up.

With Skater Cat in a basic cartoon fashion with pastel colors, the game can quickly lose its stimulation to players, even with its 3D effects. The experience is further worsened when the music remains consistent with just one track throughout the gameplay. There’s no variety whatsoever when you listen to the tunes.

Throughout the 30 levels you journey through there are various trash cans, pits and spikes to avoid. Interestingly enough, there are rolling dogs that fly around, which you also need to ensure that you don’t run into. As you progress, the game gets more difficult with a few added elements including the anti-gravity switch.

Based on the time it took you to reach your goal along with the number of cats you have following you to the end, you’ll be awarded with up to three medals. From that, you’ll be able to unlock extra features and even be able to play as your Mii. So there is some replay value attached to Skater Cat.

Still, the game can get pretty repetitive and bland very quickly. Essentially, the levels vary in terms of placement of obstacles and the pits’ size. But there really isn’t anything more to it than that. As such, Skater Cat is best suited for younger kids who aren’t looking for too much in a game. Otherwise, the fun factor quickly depletes when playing in long sessions.

OVERALL (2.75/5)

Skater Cat does offer a cute and uplifting experience for the Nintendo 3DS. However, the charm can be short-lived. Before you “skate” on by this title, you may want to try it out to see if this kitty has captured your heart.

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