Nintendo 3DS Review: Cube Tactics

Watch your step.

Watch your step.

By: Uma Smith

Every now and then, a game comes along in hopes of differentiating itself. Most recently, a developer called Peakvox is making this attempt with its latest 3DS eShop title, called Cube Tactics. Will it turn out to be a success or just totally “square”?

Being a strategy game, what makes Cube Tactics unique is that cubes are involved (as the name suggests). Specifically, you need to set up blocks, bases, and camps in hopes of obliterating your opponent’s core block while at the same time protecting your own. The faster you pull this off, the better the trophy you are rewarded with.

There are five different classes for you to access: the carpenter, knight, mage, archer and samurai. Each possesses their own set of strengths and weaknesses. For instance, archers will have the advantage for ranged attacks, but when it comes to close combat, they’re screwed. Keeping in mind the pros and cons for each class is paramount in successfully beating your opponent. Although this concept is not groundbreaking, Cube Tactics still manages to keep the gameplay entertaining.

To add a little variety, the cubes you place can be utilized for different functions. For instance, they can serve as buildings to produce soldiers or destroy incoming enemies. Additionally, they can be used as stepping stones, forming paths to other parts of the map. Also, buildings placed side by side can lead to formations of even more powerful structures. Finally, the ability to place traps as well as cannons give that added layer of strategy to make Cube Tactics that much more fun.

However, there are some issues associated with unfair situations in favor of the computer AI when engaging in missions. To illustrate my point, normally, you’ll be able to conquer an area and build them up. But if that spot happens to be previously occupied by an enemy’s cannon, you will not be able to at all. That inconsistency in rules leads to balancing problems that can diminish one’s enjoyment during the game.

Still, Cube Tactics has plenty of content to keep you occupied with 100 medals to collect. With each of these, you’ll unlock extra abilities that make you more powerful during battles. Therefore, the replay value lies in players’ desires to discover more powers and then engage in battles afterwards.

Graphically, Cube Tactics looks kind of decent with the 3D effects in place. The color scheme is plentiful enough to appear lively, but the textures are pretty grainy. Meanwhile, the audio itself isn’t going to blow you out of the water. The instrumental background music helps to establish the game’s theme. Yet, the audio effects don’t really do much in terms of leaving a lasting impression.

With the inclusion of the online multiplayer feature, Cube Tactics at last gives you the option to play with up to three other players. It’s great to be able to challenge others while taking a break from fighting against the computer AI, which can be pretty mundane at times.

OVERALL (3.25/5)

Even though Cube Tactics is not the most impressive Nintendo 3DS game out there, the concept is unique enough for recognition. For the price tag of $4.99 within the Nintendo eShop, this title is pretty decent in delivering some moments of “cubetastic” joy.


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