Throwback Thursday: Win Dark Souls II on Xbox 360 or PS3!

DarkSouls2After giving away copies of the original Dark Souls last week, we figured the natural follow up would be to give away copies of the brand new sequel, Dark Souls II. Fortunately, the good people at Namco-Bandai agreed with us wholeheartedly, and so this week we have codes to download the critically-acclaimed (it’s got a 90-plus Meta!) Dark Souls II on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3! Better buy that controller insurance!


We’re mixing it up this week, so to enter to win a copy of Dark Souls II we’re asking you to create a Dark Souls themed haiku! For those of you that don’t know what a “haiku” is, basically a three-line poem where Line 1 has five syllables, Line 2 has seven, and Line 3 has five. For a more complete explanation, click here.

When posting, make sure to include your console preference (360 or PS3) along with your comment. If you’re on Twitter please include your @handle as well. If not, just make sure the email address you use when entering is valid.

Sample Comment
A bonfire in sight
Time to heal and level up
Oops, I died again
Xbox 360


Winners will be selected on Wednesday, March 19th. All entries must be submitted by 8 PM EDT/5 PM PDT on Wednesday. Please note that although anyone can enter you must either be following me on Twitter or submit a working email address to win.

Good luck!


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205 Responses to Throwback Thursday: Win Dark Souls II on Xbox 360 or PS3!

  1. Dark souls 2 is fun
    Dying is always fun now
    Will you die for me?

  2. Here we go again
    That skeleton murdered me
    Why is he hidden
    Xbox 360

  3. Oh Wooden Arrow
    At only three souls apiece
    Best buy in the game

  4. Tranceplant says:

    So what will you choose
    Life or death, it’s up to you
    I kid, just don’t die


  5. The FDR says:

    Unknown enemies.
    They shall fall by blade with ease.
    I need more hit points.
    Xbox 360

  6. Mark says:

    I suck at haikus
    Dark Souls is pretty damn good


  7. Aaron says:

    Oh how I love thee
    Can’t you see the light from here
    Forever, you will



  8. Xbatwing3x says:

    Prepare To Die Again
    Summon A Friend Die Again
    Cause Dying is Rewarding
    Xbox 360

  9. James says:

    Eerie sensations
    Where darkness meets the essence
    With light in my flask
    Xbox 360

  10. rockinjs864 says:

    A bonfire in sight
    Time to heal and level up
    Oops, I died again

    Lol sorry I stole the sample,but I’m not good with these, just look at it this way if I win I will give you all the credit for it. 🙂

  11. Jia Min Liang says:

    souls of dark and death,
    again you are here to play
    slice, dice, pulverize

  12. Boss Ruzy says:

    A simple pendant.
    Has no value or effect.
    Much like this haiku.


  13. Ather says:

    Man this is so hard
    Yet I keep wanting to play
    I will beat this yet
    PS3 @atherworld

  14. Colin says:

    Dark Souls looks awesome
    It looks like a real challenge
    So please let me win.

    Xbox 360

  15. John Matthews says:

    The weak soul wanders.
    Repulsive evil dies,
    A laugh to escape death.

    Xbox 360

  16. akuma1088 says:

    Death like a black hole
    Sucking away at your soul
    Leaving Emptiness


  17. James says:

    You will die a lot.
    But don’t throw the controller.
    Keep calm and press on.

    Twitter: @FSNsaber

    Thanks for the chance and good luck all.

  18. Grey Dybbuk says:

    Dreams of darkness rise;
    Many lost souls curse their fate;
    Only one will stand.


  19. Seth Affatato says:

    Death may come swiftly
    And knowledge takes much longer
    Welcome to Dark Souls

    Xbox 360

  20. barrel says:

    Getting murdered when I’m alive
    I don’t need no stinkin’ help when dead
    Ornstein/Smough, hope is lost


  21. Pan says:

    Beware! Trap ahead
    Giant boulder crushes you
    Thousands of souls lost


  22. C says:

    Back into the fray,
    Death is just the beginning.
    I will break the curse.

    Xbox 360

  23. Try to stay alive
    No chance, dead time after time
    Will never be free

  24. Drew Messinger-Michaels says:

    Sheer brutality…
    Jolly cooperation!

    Xbox 360

  25. Double O Slevin (Seth W.) says:

    Always The Same Fate
    Rise From The Dead Once Again
    It Happens Often

    Xbox 360

  26. Sindroam says:

    Backstabbing glitches
    Lucky victories for you
    When Internet’s slow

  27. blindsniperz20 says:

    My sword has been raised
    I’m ready to strike you down
    God damnit I’m dead

  28. blindsniperz20 says:

    Whoops I forgot to add the other info. Ignore my last post.

    My sword has been raised
    I’m ready to strike you down
    God damnit I’m dead

    Xbox 360

  29. ObsidianSpire says:

    Dark. Light flees quickly
    Seek the fire; it is dire
    Rest till the next blight

  30. darklurkr23 says:

    Dark Souls 2 Press Start
    This is a son of a bitch
    I’m dead already
    PS3 or 360

  31. Demitri says:

    i’m wounded and hurt-
    this dragon is something else.
    I’m hating my fate

  32. A-Gut says:

    When the sun goes down
    Souls of dead will rise again
    Breath, and hold your sword!


  33. Jax says:

    Oh, hear me RPG gods!
    For I am masochistic
    Send me four more kings!


  34. Terryaki says:

    Through pain and toil
    To save a slow, dying flame.
    Try not to hollow.

  35. Terryaki says:

    Through pain and toil
    To save a slow, dying flame.
    Try not to hollow.

    Xbox 360

  36. John Bacovcin says:

    death is fun,stab punch
    death is harder,kick kill
    fight,and use the dead.


  37. poken1151 says:

    For all beasts I slay
    Tails are first to slash away
    New weapon today


  38. hestar69 says:

    die some more,die,die,die,die
    Finally killed boss!



  39. Rage, Rage, Rage
    and more rage
    then die
    Xbox 360

  40. Patience is a virtue
    Demons, Monsters, and Dragons
    You fight to survive


  41. ilRadd says:

    I played and I died.
    Once again I died, Death Sucks!
    So, I died again!
    Xbox 360

  42. WillyD105 says:

    The Estus is gone
    My controller is broken
    The Tutorial.


  43. Michael Rose says:

    I’ve been here before
    The darkness consumed my soul
    This time, I prevail

  44. Greg says:

    Empty handed I’m Born
    But I summon the fire of life
    Burn the world to cinders


  45. Brandroid says:

    dead dead dead dead dead
    dead dead dead dead dead dead dead
    dead dead dead dead dead

  46. Wen says:

    walk through the doorway
    another trap has been sprung
    where’s my hit point gone?
    xbox 360

  47. swipe_ says:

    A skeleton over there
    Time to kill him and more
    Nooo! I died, FUCK!!!
    Xbox 360

    I’m terrible at this.

  48. Devin says:

    death at the sunrise
    death at the crack of nightfall
    oh glorious day

  49. Over and over
    I always keep on dying
    I will never quit

    Xbox 360


  50. Patrick Hockenson says:

    “Victory Achieved”.
    When this appears on the screen.
    Shout “You Defeated”.
    Xbox 360

  51. Gram says:

    I hope you like Death
    You will experience it
    In so many ways


  52. Die, die, and die again.
    Victory comes with your death.
    Die, die, die, and learn

    Xbox 360

  53. Ready for the pain
    Of dying over again
    And again…again


  54. Robert says:

    Oh Chosen Undead
    Bravery and Endurance
    Death Everlasting


  55. Joe Simpson says:

    Oh so many deaths
    Cause of death stupidity
    I suck at this game

  56. Lightning the fire
    Smashing chests gives you rubble
    You have now been warned


  57. Baloota says:

    I have nothing to say
    And i want to play
    But i died right away


  58. It is frustrating
    Died more times than I can count
    I press continue


  59. Leon says:

    Continue to die
    Must never give up fighting!
    Need better weapons


  60. Kris says:

    In Dranglaec it waits
    To submit is to succumb
    Death Embraces all

    Xbox 360

  61. Rez says:

    The day has run long
    The night encroaching brings fear
    Aching bones rise up

  62. Horse says:

    Where are the claws at
    oh god i need so many souls
    now i must not die


  63. Will says:

    My estus is gone
    the controller has broken
    the tutorial


  64. I cannot be stopped
    I keep coming back for more
    God I love this game

    Xbox 360

  65. I suck at Haiku’s
    Dark Souls 2 look fun
    I want to win one!


  66. buster42 says:

    I played Demon Souls
    Didn’t get past level 1
    I am not prepared


  67. My soul is dark
    Ive calmed to many soul
    Im not alive or dead

  68. Thermopyle says:

    No sword and no shield
    Naked but for feeble wits
    My death is assured

  69. Kirill Neko says:

    By flame it forged and bounded
    My sword rang true once more
    Before the Dark One looked into my Soul

  70. Joe says:

    Gone are my estus
    My lifegems have faded away
    Death is here for me

  71. Mike D says:

    I am almost dead.
    Wait…there is a bonfire!
    Hooray, praise the sun!

    XBox 360

  72. Aleksander1337 says:

    I see the cave end
    Rest at a bonfire I will too
    I just died so not.


  73. Raymond says:

    The darkness is closing in on me
    I fought hard and brave
    I now close my eyes as souls slips away

  74. I dont want to die again,
    I will survive this nightmare…
    Wait where is my sword?, shit….

  75. What’s that shiny thing?
    I hope no one is watching
    Crap – I’m dead again.


  76. Pulverized and dead
    Why do I keep coming back?
    Am I just insane?

  77. Pepe says:

    I love thee dive roll
    Saved from blade bow and monster
    Except for ledges
    Xbox 360

  78. Paul says:

    Almost to the fire
    10,000 souls are lost to
    poison by the rat


  79. Paul says:

    Rested at the fire
    All my souls are lost again
    Damn Capra Demon


  80. Chris says:

    Staring the boss down
    Lightning sword at the ready
    Bring it on bitches

  81. Dustin Drinkard says:

    In the darkness……death
    In life there is only darkness
    Prepare for darkness


  82. I suck at making haikus.
    Dark souls game is pretty damn good.
    Refrigerator is full of bodies


  83. Timmy says:

    tomb of the giants
    imminent darkness ahead
    praise the sun, I say

  84. Justin says:

    heading up you go
    lock-on changes enemies
    off the cliff noooo noooooooooo
    Xbox 360

  85. zerop1 says:

    Braving the new world
    I proceed with great caution
    Broken Controller
    360, PS3

  86. Solless Knight says:

    Gimme Your Dark Souls
    I will be a happy man
    Or face your worst death! >:)


  87. Mike says:

    No lie I will die
    I will be reborn again
    To regain my lost souls

  88. Rob L. says:

    bonfire vanities
    If I die after, I’ll start there
    Bruce Willis, save me

  89. Chad N. says:

    Can’t afford Dark Souls
    Sequel is so much better
    Please let me win this

  90. Try, try, try again
    How many times have I died
    I think I lost count

  91. Jordy Fernandez says:

    Oh sweet look at this
    Door to advance my journey
    Oh snap it’s a trap

  92. Dave says:

    From Demons to Dark
    To know thyself know thy foes
    Hundred battles win.

  93. Phillip says:

    Fight or run away
    My flesh is but a canvas
    Blood is currency

  94. Ricardo says:

    I’ll be seeing you again
    Yeah I’ll be seeing you in hell
    Die die die my darling

  95. Silky says:

    A Coward’s Reward,
    are quick deaths. A Hero’s trea-,
    sure, endless despair.

  96. Silent solitude
    Lost humanity again
    Back into the den

  97. José Requena says:

    We need power.
    To survive and conquer.
    Warriors of light.

  98. Ghostmunchies says:

    Human or Hollow
    I wonder which is a curse
    And which gives you peace


  99. sakusub says:

    I’ve figured it out
    There’s no way I die this time
    Are you kidding me?

  100. Adan Martinez says:

    Praise the sun my friends.
    Darkness will consume our souls.
    Embrace jolly co-op.
    Xbox 360

  101. Damon Jarabek says:

    Die and die a chore.
    Curse and thrash and damn it all.
    Still come back for more.

  102. Jonathan Seth says:

    I start my journey
    A new character I choose
    What the heck, I died.

  103. Jonathan Seth says:

    I start my journey
    A new character I choose
    What the heck, I died.
    My previous one, i messed up ^

  104. Garrett says:

    Darkness is coming
    Prepare to die yet again
    You will love to die
    Xbox 360

  105. George Kot says:

    Sweet, I beat the boss!
    Someone invaded my game…
    Fuck this, now I’m dead.

  106. digital ink says:

    Sparks fly as swords clash
    Around the fallen blood pools
    The dead lay witness

  107. victor c says:

    Skeletonsh swords
    Flying dragons breathing fire
    Thias game has it all

  108. Anthony Mendoza says:

    I see a bloodstain
    Haha that guy is stupid
    I die the same way
    Xbox 360

  109. Tom says:

    Darkness is infinite

  110. Joel Tiangco says:

    A dragon strikes
    Time to shine my sword and ding up
    Aww, I died again

  111. Tim says:

    Die die die die die
    Die die die die die die die
    This is Dark Souls 2

  112. Michael says:

    The phone is ringing.
    Dark Souls II is on my Tv.
    They can go to hell.

    Xbox 360

  113. A plume of fire
    I feel the heat melt my bones
    Death’s sweet embrace comes

    Xbox 360

  114. Daver116 says:

    A Death Awaits You
    Terrible Foes Lay In Wait
    Hollow Breaths Rattle

  115. Nate says:

    Praise the Sun, it reads
    Where death lurks in the shadows.
    You are so funny.

    Xbox 360

  116. Richard Carter says:

    Dark creature in sight
    I whack and rage and oops…
    Bonfire here I come


  117. A Tom says:

    Ignore the warnings
    Meet another painful death
    Masochist, I am


  118. psycosis86 says:

    Today I am dead
    Tomorrow I’ll try again
    Death has no pity


  119. IBK says:

    Lost in the battle
    pouring blood, tears and dark sweat
    my soul will prevail

    Xbox 360

  120. Freed a prisoned knight
    Firekeeper is dead now…

    Xbox 360

  121. Sanjit says:

    Its been many years
    Since Dark souls has broken me
    Its time for round two

    Xbox 360

  122. I gave it my all
    Rest is for chumps and wusses
    Time to play again

  123. Gran says:

    Death is imminent
    Running is futile for sure
    Give up while you can


  124. Jose says:

    Oh my god dark souls
    Raging in a game again
    Praise the sun thy game
    Xbox 360

  125. Calvin says:

    I keep dying here
    Maybe I suck at this game
    Oh well, try again

  126. John says:

    Lurking in sewers
    Trapping souls, and farming stones
    Dirty, dirty rats


  127. Cassie says:

    I have died. Again.
    Sweet dear Jesus have mercy.
    Fuck this game. Fuck it.


  128. TrickedOutHoro says:

    Oh boy Dark Souls 2!
    God damn this fucking boss
    Fuck you Dark Souls 2

  129. kaleeftw says:

    Back from the undead
    Ready to die again soon
    Oh crap! Not that soon


  130. mackslappy says:

    I suck at this game
    Why must I never succeed
    Here we go again

    Xbox 360

  131. aklambda says:

    Jolly cooperation
    Till death do us part


  132. Anthony D. says:

    Souls souls souls souls souls
    Souls souls souls souls souls souls souls
    I lost all my souls

  133. Don’t know what to do
    Ask the soapstone what to do
    “Did you try jumping?”

  134. Jonathan Smith says:

    Both beautiful and grim,
    A world of terrifying excitement,
    Death travels upon wind.

    Xbox 360

  135. Lunchbox32 says:

    Why keep doing this?
    It’s sadomasochism
    I can’t stop playing


  136. The Puffster says:

    This game isn’t hard
    It’s downright impossible
    Why do I love it?


  137. Adrian Bourassa says:

    A lost soul marked dead,
    Will bring forth the age of dark,
    When hope’s flame dies out.


  138. Thomas says:

    A haiku on the potential events of Dark Souls 2…

    Sacred flame restored,
    With sacrifice comes short peace,
    Deathsign seeks new soul.

    (Don’t have twitter)

  139. Jeromy Fernando says:

    Not knowing what to do.
    Always looking for the next path.
    On this Mysterious Beautiful world.


  140. Hit the enemy!
    Generic action buzz words!
    They got me at “Dark”


  141. A world of dark skies,
    Is all I will ever know.
    Bonfires are friends.


  142. hsith says:

    I dislike this game
    Yet, I’m addicted to it…
    Human after all
    Xbox 360

  143. Tom On says:

    Time for death is here
    Continue the Souls saga
    Into our next life


  144. Fenrir says:

    Hey I just met you
    and this is crazy but I
    will backstab you now

  145. Fenrir says:

    Hey I just met you
    and this is crazy but I
    will backstab you now

  146. Marc Mancini says:

    Death surrounds us all
    I mustn’t fear him calling
    He is my shadow
    Xbox 360

  147. DeoxysPrime says:

    I admit defeat
    I lack all the skills to win
    I’m a causal
    Xbox 360

  148. Justin McLendon says:

    What this can not be
    Cleared zone with humanity
    then punched NPC

    Xbox 360

  149. Mojo says:

    It took ten days but
    I beat dark souls wait oh crap
    there is a sequel


  150. DonT says:

    I did not praise sun.
    I later died as well, for
    No one rated me.


  151. VSlaven says:

    Frustration rising
    Why can’t I stop playing it?
    Must avoid Darksouls Two


  152. Jeremy M. says:

    Is this the right sword?
    Will it bring me victory?
    One way to find out…

    Xbox 360

  153. Grandzeit says:

    Moonlight Butterfly
    Twisted magic of the night
    Enchanted nectar


  154. Rick says:

    Have no money do I
    Would like to play Dark Souls II
    Can you save the day


  155. Lorence Ortiz says:

    Dark souls controls me,
    Dying all the time, no time
    To heal, just plain death

  156. Mike Smith says:

    In the dark I die,
    Fires brings rest for Souls to lie
    Death is where journey begins


  157. Is that Dark Souls 2?
    Oh, let me play it will ya?
    I died already?


  158. Death waits for no one
    Is it fear or frustration?
    Only time will tell

  159. Lan says:

    Time for more Dark Souls
    To be the best, plan on death
    Many tears will fall

    Xbox 360

  160. Great_Landini says:

    Only three days in
    See forty million have died
    Dark Souls 2: Git Gud


  161. bob101910 says:

    Dark Souls has no cats
    I wish Dark Souls had cute cats
    I will play anyways

    Xbox 360

  162. bluevafe says:

    My hearth is trembling
    A bonfire is crackling in the darkness
    Will i reach it?

  163. Kenny Rios says:

    death is here again.
    monster will destroy your dreams and hopes
    all thanks to obama

  164. Death like a black hole
    Sucking away at your soul
    Leaving Emptiness

  165. abacate16 says:

    A wise man once asked,
    “Why, pray tell, is the sand wet?”
    Because the sea weed.


  166. Rich S says:

    It’s odd how a dog
    Will eat a dead bird but will
    Never eat a grape.

  167. kr4zyz0mbi3 says:

    I’m gonna die now
    This is gonna be bad now
    Want 360 now!


  168. Tanjil says:

    Death knocks yet again
    Swimming in a pool of blood
    Dark souls forever


  169. Chores, Chores, Chores
    I love chores that give good scores
    I need those scores


  170. Adam Palmer says:

    A new enemy
    try, die, try, die, try, die, try…
    Victory achieved


  171. stopper101 says:

    O muse!
    Sing in me, and through me tell the story
    Of that men dying In search of a bonfire

  172. Kenny Rios says:

    Kenny Rios :
    death is here again.
    monster will destroy your dreams and hopes
    all thanks to obama


  173. Fulano says:

    Siegmeyer from Catarina
    Ever lost in the life and death
    Mm. Hmm. Oh hello!


  174. Jirair G says:

    Anchored by the curse,
    The Dark Souls plight… Call on “Him”,
    With sunny delight

  175. the firekeeper keeps a bonfire
    but doing so will extinguish the bonfire
    damn it! did not know

  176. the firekeeper keeps a bonfire
    but doing so will extinguish the bonfire
    my god! did not know

  177. Jo says:

    dark souls is a game
    it is very fun to play alone
    die much in the game

  178. brainlizard says:

    Artorias in mid flight,
    No stamina left nor estus,
    Long walk from bonfire


  179. Don says:

    Parried the attack
    Dead again like before and
    Hollowed just the same.
    Xbox 360

  180. rob says:

    I start the game
    And yet again another death
    Now i need a new controler.

    Xbox 360

  181. A quest beginning,
    play, die, curse, load and repeat
    addicted again.


  182. Polerand says:

    First, they taught me to
    Die. Then they taught me to roll.
    Now, I roll… off cliffs.


  183. MasterDONGS says:

    Run to the graveyard
    Grab the zweihander, and die
    Who needs souls, anyways?

  184. ProtocoloOmega says:

    irascible hard
    the clouds reveal on this day
    the sun I praise shine


  185. Arran says:

    I keep on dying
    Again, again and again
    I shall not give up


  186. nosense says:

    Giant’s set? Havel’s?
    Mix them and wear flippy ring
    Now you win, cheap ass


  187. Leonard Michlovsky Jr says:

    Running low on health
    Vanquishing foes left and right
    Must find next bonfire

  188. Jasonl says:

    Took Arrow to knee.
    I read the cake is a lie
    Wait wrong games.


  189. BLbeel says:

    Reborn as Hollow
    Searching for Humanity
    But only finds Death.


  190. NYHorn36 says:

    Area is dark.
    I think I’ll walk over there.
    Made a huge mistake..
    Xbox 360

  191. This game is long and hard
    But my cock is much harder
    Yeah I just went there

  192. x1xtripx1x says:

    Dark Souls has no beers.
    I wish Dark Souls had many beers
    I will play always.

  193. Thundercatfish says:

    Nothing left to bleed,
    I smile at desolation.
    Finally, hollow.

  194. Robert says:

    Life of insanity
    Locked deep in a dark dungeon
    Dark Souls 2 is out


  195. Nicholas Bernard says:

    A Counterattack
    Praise the Sun’s bountiful bliss
    Souls trading light for dark

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