PSN Review: Tomba! 2

There's nothing more macho than a buff man with pink hair and green shorts.

There’s nothing more macho than a buff man with pink hair and green shorts.

By: Uma Smith

Although we have just entered into a new era of next-gen video game consoles, there is still some lovin’ left for the classics. In this case it’s a PlayStation One title called Tomba! 2 that is making its appearance for the PS3 and Vita! So if you dig 2D platforming goodness with a topless pink-haired… erm, dude (hope I didn’t disappoint you fellas), then let’s getting hopping.

You play as Tomba as he sets off to rescue his friend, Tabby, who happens to have been kidnapped by the evil pigs. As such, you will have to figure out a variety of puzzles as you fight your way through the number of quests populated with the bad piggies. You won’t need to face this adventure alone, however, as plenty of friends are here to render aid along the way.

While the story may sound a bit familiar (maybe perhaps Super Mario Bros?), the gameplay itself is far from typical. Tomba! 2 turns out to be a mix of puzzle, platforming action and adventure. With more than 130 quests to complete, this PlayStation One classic will keep your attention spans whether it’s within the comfort of your home or when you’re out and about playing on your Vita. The puzzles alone can be quite perplexing, sometimes to the point of frustration.

There are plenty of weapons available for Tomba to use against his enemies. But of course, you can always hop on and wrestle with the pigs during the game, too. On top of that, there are different suits, just like Super Mario Bros. 3, that’ll offer you special abilities. For instance, if you get yourself the flying squirrel suit, you’ll be able to glide farther than before.

Controls are very straightforward as the commands with a familiar button layout that you’d anticipate from any 2D platformer. Most of the time, movement is very responsive and easy to manage even when the perspective is changing within the pre-determined paths, although there are some occasions where the point of view can make jumping across platforms a bit difficult.

Unfortunately, the boss battle themselves can be tedious and repetitive. There seems to be a lack of excitement whenever coming across these parts of the game. Having to throw pigs into a number of mystical bags that you need to find doesn’t seem all that thrilling. Nonetheless, there is a good mix of variety in gameplay to change things up.

Looking at Tomba! 2’s presentation, one should be reminded that this is just a straight port of the PlayStation One game. So expect some grainy textures. On the other hand, the color scheme is very pleasing to look at while the music itself really brings out the atmosphere. In the end, Tomba! 2 is looking pretty good despite its aged appearance.

OVERALL (3.75/5)

Arguably, Tomba! 2 is one of those games that has aged gracefully on account of its gameplay and level of detail. And with the ability to play this either on your PS3 or Vita, you should be enticed to check this one out, even if you’ve never heard of Tomba before. He may look odd and barbaric, but just give him a chance!


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