PS Vita Review: Indoor Sports World

Turtle Power!

Turtle Power!

By: Uma Smith

The major advantage of portable game consoles lies within the name itself: its portability. That is no exception for the PlayStation Vita. In fact, we can enjoy better quality visuals while on the go. That being said, what better way to enjoy playing video games outdoors than to play sports games meant for… indoors?!?!? Called Indoor Sports World, this particular PlayStation Vita title will let you relive those social past times that you’d normally have will drinking down some alcoholic beverages.

With the help of the developer, Super Icon Ltd., Indoor Sports World allows you to play such games as snooker, pool, darts and air hockey. Whichever you choose, you get to make use of either the d-pad or the Vita’s touch screen. But depending on what game you actually play, your satisfaction levels with the controls will vary. I found that when playing pool or snooker, the d-pad is the way to go while air hockey and darts call for the touch screen. Occasionally, the camera can get in the way of enjoyment based on how it can be positioned too close to the action.

There are quite a few modes contained within Indoor Sports World. You have the typical arcade where you can just jump right into the matches and season mode where enter into challenges against players in leagues. In addition, you can engage yourself in the Exhibition mode where you can play at your pace as you decide on the difficulty level as well as the rules.

By playing through the game, you’ll be able to unlock new equipment. These don’t actually add a lot to the gameplay other than changing the overall look during matches. For instance, you could have a different colored puck while playing air hockey. Although your progression at least gives you some recognition and reward, the amount of enjoyment is limited nonetheless. In time, the repetitive gameplay and absence of depth will hinder players’ attention span.

Indoor Sports World attempts to keep itself from looking monotonous not just by offering different activities, but also by offering different locations and arenas where they take place. While the graphics do keep their head above water, the issue lies with how the environment feels so empty, as if the game is foreshadowing that no one should be spending too much time here in the first place. Even though the 8-bit music playing in the background does add some life to the atmosphere, the overall presentation doesn’t offer a whole lot here.

OVERALL (2.5/5)

Although Indoor Sports World isn’t really a bad game, it just doesn’t have a lot to offer other than uninspiring gameplay and an empty, lifeless atmosphere. Plus, there are other games available for the PlayStation Vita that would serve as a worthy substitute. At the end of the day, I wouldn’t say to steer clear of this game, but I would have to say that may want to think twice before spending your $4.99.


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