Throwback Thursday: Win Earth Defense Force 2025 on PS3!

EDFNow that all the lovey dovey Valentine’s Day nonsense is firmly in the rearview mirror it’s time to reclaim our collective masculinity (yes, that includes you, ladies) by just shooting copious numbers of enemies; and thanks to our home slices at D3 Publisher we’ve got the perfect game that’ll allow you to do just that. That’s right, we’re giving away codes to download the PlayStation 3 version of D3’s brand new title, Earth Defense Force 2025. Now throw away that box of Russell Stover’s and pick up your controller. It’s go time, baby!


In EDF 2025, you shoot bugs (among other things)… lots of them. So this week to enter simply post what bug (or other creepy crawly critter) you’d most like to shoot in the comments section below. Remember to include your @Twitter handle as well. If you don’t have one, just make sure the email address you use when entering is valid.

Sample Entry


Winners will be selected at random on Wednesday, February 26th. All entries must be submitted by 8 PM EDT/5 PM PDT on Wednesday. Please note that although anyone can enter you must either be following me on Twitter or submit a working email address to win.

Good luck!


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116 Responses to Throwback Thursday: Win Earth Defense Force 2025 on PS3!

  1. oldmaro says:

    spiders (set them on fire, drop nukes on them and burn them off the face of the planet)

  2. Giant locusts. They seem like they’d be substantial when they get hit.

  3. Kryptozone says:

    Giant space ants

  4. luis borjon says:

    spider-type bugs

  5. gaiages says:

    Why, my favorite bug to shoot in Earth Defense Force 2015, of course… Ants! 😀

  6. Phillip says:


  7. Scorpions, screw those guys!

  8. gaiages says:

    Whoops, I messed up my entry and can’t figure out how to delete it. 😦 Rob, if you could delete it for me?

    Anyway, the right way, this time:

    Why, my favorite bug to shoot in Earth Defense Force 2017, of course… Ants!

  9. Wuvein says:

    Spiders They gots to go.

  10. Tranceplant says:

    I would shoot spiders because seriously **** THEM! LOL! @Tranceplant

  11. CCKM says:

    Butterflies (ugly and keep flying towards the face)

  12. WarpRattler says:

    Since they weren’t in EDF2017: BEEEEEEES.

  13. Spiders all the way @moggsster

  14. Eric says:

    Spiders can die in a nuclear fire.

  15. darklurkr23 says:


  16. Gabriel says:

    Cockroach >.<

  17. Matt says:

    House centipedes. Just look at those buggers.

  18. Donald says:

    Yellow Jackets!!!

  19. zack deyette says:

    Metal ants yeeeeee @sonicismywaifu

  20. J.Cruz says:


  21. Jia says:


  22. Isak says:

    Spiders would be the ones i would shoot first just cause I’ve always been afraid of them :p (@isakjb13 on twitter)

  23. Scott Steuck says:

    Ear wig

  24. Freelance says:

    None of them. You should respect all animals. Every living creature deserves to live.

  25. Ytang Jauregui says:

    Camel Spiders since they are huge!

  26. Definitely cockroaches… blech

  27. Those weird looking ladybugs that are poison ness. I hate those,they freak me out.

  28. ObsidianSpire says:

    I hate me some Spiders. One in particular I’d love to destroy in EDF 2025- if it had mod support- is Shelob from LOTR. Dat stinger! Ughh.

  29. Cockroach’s creep me out, i’ll shoot them on instinct :o)

  30. Abraham says:

    Spiders!, thanks for the chance

  31. Chris Pratt says:

    Spiders spiders SPIDERS!!

  32. Nick says:

    Scorpions for sure.

  33. danhoo says:

    Cockroaches, definitely

  34. Cockaroches…Big Cockaroches

  35. Limesta says:

    Golden Orb Weavers

  36. hestar69 says:

    Spiders… @#$@#$@ spiders! Ever since I Was a kid and got covered in about 30 banana spiders and ran to my grandma screaming tearing off my clothes,I have very bad arachnophobia…I wish death to all spiders!


  37. Peter says:

    Ants.. if you see one… there are at least 50 more of them somewhere nearby.

  38. Centipedes man… ARGH!


  39. bkjohns1 says:

    Boxelder bugs … gotta get those things outta my house

  40. Danny B. says:

    Palmetto Bugs

  41. Horse says:


  42. gamjawang says:


  43. John Brown says:

    Centipedes. All of them. The more legs it has, the more it needs to die.

  44. Liam Stanton says:

    Spiders, enjoy killing them in any game 😀

  45. James says:

    Any kind of roach you can name

  46. Ron Danner says:


  47. memku says:

    Spiders !!!!!!!!! 0.0

  48. ShinSolidus says:

    Mosquitos. There’s a long story that goes with that, but the quick version involves a power outage at night and a bathroom.

  49. Spiders and silverfish. ewwwwwww

  50. Jordan says:

    Big spiders…. yeah definitely big spiders.

  51. Adam says:



  52. BLbeel says:

    I have a lot of experience shooting Centipedes and Millipedes.

  53. Sindroam says:

    Water bugs

  54. Chris says:


  55. Raymond says:

    Dragon Fly

  56. zerop1 says:

    Those big ass Cockroach that look like they’re wearing armor.

  57. Thermopyle says:


  58. Lucas says:


  59. Jesse Hale says:

    I’d say my favorite bug to shoot would be a millipede. @ArtofJHale

  60. Light_Cactus says:


  61. anthony says:


  62. twist says:

    Roaches. Dirty roaches

  63. sergiosuperche says:


  64. Julia says:

    spiders! big, small, kill em all!

  65. Rosh Dhanawade says:


  66. Jack Bouton says:

    Dung beetles

  67. Dustin Drinkard says:



  68. cyberclawx says:

    BethesdaSoft bugs eheh…

  69. Luke says:

    the giant centipede things that appear im my basement (shooting them would prob just piss them off thou)


  70. Jeff says:

    Wasps, I take a live and let live with most bugs, but all wasps need to be purged.

  71. Luke says:

    Starship trooper bugs!

  72. George Kot says:

    I would shoot those pesky centipedes. Those long slender bodies, and billions and billions of legs are about as morbidly unnerving and creepy as it gets! 😮


  73. asmith906 says:

    Spiders D:

  74. David V says:

    Wasps or ants

  75. Lan says:

    All of them! Death to the insects!


  76. Black Widow Spider

  77. slayercommathe says:

    Moths, I have an massive phobia of them D:

  78. Shana says:

    Grasshoppers! They are scary as shit!

  79. Lorence Ortiz says:


  80. okiraan says:

    Centipedes (just like the games of old)

  81. Dave P. says:


  82. Don says:

    Rolli-pollis…why not.

  83. David Casey says:

    @ Ramhorne

  84. jordy Fernandez says:

    Spiders…for giving me life long nightmares

  85. Leon says:

    the nasty looking spider in the closet

  86. Michael R. says:

    magots are pretty nasty.
    put my email in thanks!

  87. Grouken says:


  88. sebastian fuentes says:

    cockroaches D: D: D:

  89. Shaz Khan says:

    Every single one of them as I hate bugs! :/ @shaz1874

  90. RadioactiveMoth says:


  91. Max says:


  92. mirpkered says:

    I’d want to shoot Millipedes! As long as they didn’t skater when they get hit!


  93. Cali Yo says:

    The spiders in EDF are definitely the scariest.

  94. Eddie says:

    house centipedes, those things are creepy as heck

  95. Daniel says:


  96. Captain Theo says:

    Tarantula’s, because THEY ARE EVIL BASTARDS IN EDF2017 AND MUST DIE!


  97. Lord Hamm says:

    Waves of giant termites

  98. David says:


  99. bob says:


  100. squadass says:

    Black widows are something that can go burn in hell. Make them suffer.


  101. ShawnSig says:

    Roly Polies

  102. Todd says:

    Spiders. i hate them

  103. WaffleD says:


  104. calaveralma says:



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