PS Vita Review: King Oddball

That is one long-ass tongue!

That is one long-ass tongue!

By: Uma Smith

Every now and then, a game will come along to itself apart in terms of the amount of weird content it offers. It’s like a bad accident where you can’t help but stare despite how horrid and terrible the scene is. With that in mind, feast your eyes on this new PlayStation Vita title as King Oddball Ends The World takes the stage to demonstrate its strange qualities!

King Oddball does have an odd appearance when it comes to character and level designs. It’s not the best looking Vita title, but considering its simplicity, the graphics are at least satisfactory in quality. The hand-drawn presentation gives the game its charm as you witness the destruction of the world happen before your very eyes. Working hand in hand with King Oddball’s visuals is the background music courtesy of Jonathan Geer. Although the accordion music helps build up the game’s humor, it does tend to get repetitive.

In this game, you’ll be aiding King Oddball in his quest for world destruction. In particular, you’ll need to use your knowledge of physics (to a small extent) to control the trajectory of boulders being thrown. One thing to note, the king happens to be holding such objects with his really long tongue! In each level, you will have a set number of boulders to work with. Along the way, you’ll get opportunities to earn additional ones through executing combos or even hitting the king himself in the head.

Essentially, you’re watching the object swing back and forth as you determine where is the best point to release. You have the choice of using the X button or the touch screen to launch your projectile. And that’s it. This may be leaning towards the ridiculously easy, but once you do launch, it’s time to sit back and watch the destruction, similarly to what you get in Angry Birds. With such a simple control scheme, you’ll definitely get the “swing” of things here.

If you ever played Angry Birds, you’ll understand how quickly King Oddball can get addicting. Just trying to time that shot and getting the right outcomes are the main motivators to keep you going. At first, the game tends to be excruciatingly simple. But as you move on, the difficulty gets ramped up very quickly, especially when you’re trying to determine the right angle and timing. It’s all about ending up with a chain reaction that destroys as much as possible.

King Oddball has 120 levels for you to complete along with some additional challenge levels that are waiting to be unlocked. So the content is pretty lengthy and diverse. With additional levels appearing, you get an added element of challenges and obstacles to work with. For instance, you may come across levels where you only have a single boulder to wipe out an entire army.

Now even though King Oddball can get you hooked, it doesn’t have the same degree of complexity or charm as Angry Birds. Furthermore, the absence of a scoreboard potentially hinders its longevity. Nevertheless, there is enough humor and weirdness to keep a smile on your face. For casual sessions, this would definitely be the way to go.

OVERALL (3.5/5)

King Oddball Ends The World may pique your interests if you’re seeking a physics-type game that attempts to poke some humor. That being said, there are some qualities that quite a few players may find pretty “odd.” Nevertheless, as a PlayStation Vita title, i’ts appropriate for those seeking a little chuckle during their casual plays.

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