PS Vita Review: Surge Deluxe

Superb??? Not good enough for a compliment!

Superb??? Not good enough for a compliment!

By: Uma Smith

It shouldn’t be surprising to see games from one console crossing over to another while at the same time getting reworked and revamped. We’ve seen this quite a bit for numerous titles for the PlayStation Mobile as they make their way on to the Vita. Developer FuturLab is following that pattern with their most recent game, Surge Deluxe for the PlayStation Vita. Are there enough improvements to help this title “surge” its way to popularity?

Your objective in Surge Deluxe is to match tiles or blocks of the same color in order for them to disappear. During the game, there is a timer that you’ll need to keep track of along with pressure gauges on the sides of the screen. In order to prevent their pressure levels from increasing, you need to tap on these vents. As a result, you’ll be multitasking between clearing the tiles and attending to the vents. While it can be quite the daunting task, achieving these chain combos can also be gratifying.

With the Vita’s touch screen, you’ll be drawing a line in order to link blocks of the same color. As such, the controls become very straight forward to figure out as well as responsive. To make things even easier for gamers, Surge Deluxe also displays an electrical current while following your finger as you move across the screen. It’s a great feature that makes it much easier to choose and react during the gameplay.

Even though you may not get the most cutting-edge graphics, Surge Deluxe still delivers in terms of providing solid colors and fluid frame rates. The background may look too simplistic, but the effects you get while connecting the blocks does turn out to be quite stunning. Having a fast-paced soundtrack playing in the background makes the experience that much more enjoyable. Your adrenaline also pumps up significantly when the speed of the song ramps up as your time runs out. It’s nerve racking, yet also satisfying enough for you to revisit.

To add some variety, Surge Deluxe includes special blocks that give you that extra edge, such as bombs and multipliers. The game also does a good job in inducing players’ competitive sides. Considering how each puzzle has its own high score table, you’ll be encouraged to not only reach the target score but to surpass it.

At the end, there is a lot of complexity and involvement when it comes to achieving the best performance during your sessions. It’s true that there are a few play modes that give a little diversity. But once you’ve mastered your skills, it can be somewhat difficult to revisit the game. Until you’ve reached that state, however, expect your addiction to kick in as the challenges will encourage you to play on.


FuturLab has done it right with Surge Deluxe. It’s got challenging and addictive qualities that will have you playing constantly, despite the simplistic premise and presentation. In fact, you may occasionally get a “surge” of excitement once you get your hands on this Vita title.


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