PS Vita Review: Doodle Devil

I'm slightly short on both love and forgiveness.

I’m slightly short on both love and forgiveness.

By: Uma Smith

If you enjoyed playing god in Doodle God, then you’re in luck. With Doodle Devil recently being made available for the PlayStation Vita, you get to check out the other side of the coin. Rather than focusing on the good and wholesome aspects of things, you’ll play with more of the evil elements that this game has to offer.

CONTROLS (4.5/5)

The whole idea behind this game is to choose elements and combine them together. There are a couple of control schemes available. You have the d-pad and left stick to allow you to move your selection while the face buttons perform basic commands such as choosing and getting additional information. Of course, you can take advantage of the Vita’s touch screen for the same purpose. The only catch is that if you have stubby fingers, then choosing with the touch screen can be problematic. Otherwise, everything else is tip top.


Although the visuals are simple and consist of minimal animation, there is so much color and detail that Doodle Devil looks pretty impressive. And considering that there are essentially a huge number of icons, each representing elements that you can come across, you get quite the diversity. The background pretty much looks the same all throughout, so it’s not that type of game where you going to get a dynamic environment.

While the music is quite pleasant to listen to, the overall audio is pretty much satisfactory. You’ll often hear sound effects pertaining to either success or failure in combining your two chosen elements. Occasionally, you’ll hear some voice acting to serve as feedback such as “Bravo” and Awesome.”

GAMEPLAY (3.25/5)

The goal in Doodle Devil is to combine two elements that represent various forms and aspects of life. Doing so will lead to two new groups of elements. Afterwards, you would choose two elements to combine once again. Then, rinse and repeat. For instance, if you put man and woman together, you end up with life and… sex. Combining sex with life will get you lust. Want to know what will happen after that? You’ll have to find out for yourself…

Basically, the gameplay behind Doodle Devil involves a lot of trial and error. If the two elements do work together, you’ll just have to choose two others until you get to move on. There are 19 groups, each consisting of up to 10 elements. So the possibilities are pretty large, thus giving some length to the game.

While the concept is pretty interesting, there isn’t much to get out of Doodle Devil. Other than being stuck and finding the right combo, it’s not like the game can get any more difficult. The challenges are quite limited, especially when you’ll probably spend a few minutes to progress further.

Nonetheless, there is a certain charm behind this game that maintains its longevity. Somehow, it makes you wonder what elements will appear next, and therein lies the source of addiction! Even when you reach the end, you’ll be enticed to play the game more to see if there are any other peculiar results. While there isn’t much variety in terms of gameplay, the main concept itself coupled with its sense of humor is the main selling feature.

OVERALL (3.5/5)

While Doodle Devil is not about providing excitement and tension, it is a unique game that deserves some recognition. If you’re looking for a simple yet somewhat cerebral title for your PlayStation Vita, then you may want to give this one a whirl. Doodle Devil may not necessarily “dress to impress,” but it’ll get you curious enough to see what will happen next.


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