DLC Review: The Lost Clones (Stealth Inc.)

Not what I’d call an improvement, but still pretty good.

Not what I’d call an improvement, but still pretty good.

By: Casey Curran

Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark is one of my favorite downloadable games. It was one of those rare puzzle platformers that offered both tricky puzzles and challenging platforming scenarios, where one element did not compromise the other. Combine this with a wonderful style and sense of humor and you had an unforgettable experience.

The Lost Clones DLC adds 20 new levels to the game for $4, or .20 a level. These include the boss levels at the end, requiring sneaking past a giant AI searching for you toward the exit. The other levels are merely an extension of the last game, not introducing any new elements, but using what was previously presented in Stealth Inc.

These levels do differ with an increased challenge, however, especially in the platforming department. Unfortunately, these levels can be challenging in the wrong way, where activating a switch or hacking a computer triggers a trap that will kill you immediately unless you are expecting it. In other words, the first time you activate one of these to advance further, you will probably die.

The other flaw is that there are no real new elements introduced. One of Stealth Inc.’s greatest strengths was how it was always introducing some new obstacle or hazard and making the player adapt when solving a puzzle. This makes the game feel a little staler, though not enough to make the game a bore before it’s over.

OVERALL (3.75/5)

If you enjoyed Stealth Inc., then The Lost Clones DLC is worth your time. The levels are not quite as well designed as the ones offered in the full game, but they do up the challenge for those who love their games harder. Either way, most gamers will not miss out on much if they skip this, but will enjoy their time if they do play it.


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