PS Vita Review: Age of Zombies

Maybe if I don’t turn around, they’ll just walk on by.

Maybe if I don’t turn around, they’ll just walk on by.

By: Uma Smith

Still even more zombies are making their way into mainstream entertainment. With a growing number of games featuring the undead, it seems that this phenomenon is far from approaching its demise. Specifically, we are going to look at Age of Zombies, which was originally released as a PlayStation Minis title. But this time, it recently arrived for the PlayStation Vita. It appears that perhaps we are living in the “age of zombies.”

CONTROLS (4.5/5)

Using the Vita’s dual analog sticks, Age of Zombies feels like the perfect twin-stick shooter. Both movement and directing your projectiles never felt so smooth and fluent. The control scheme is further improved with just the right shoulder button for utilizing your trajectory weapons such as dynamite and grenades.


A great amount of detail has been implemented behind Age of Zombies’ artwork and environmental settings. The game allows you to see the variety of zombies in a somewhat cute style, especially when you get to see them dress up as gangsters or ninjas. With a variety of “flavors” of the undead, Age of Zombies is far from “aging” in terms of lasting visual appeal.

As you progress further in the game, you’ll notice that the environments vary in terms of the era that the levels take place in. This is reinforced by both the music playing in the background as well as the announcer’s voice and accent. While the audio is not going to blow you away, it does do the job effectively enough.

GAMEPLAY (3.75/5)

As you control Barry and set off to fight against Professor Brains, the evil genius behind the zombie army, you’ll be going across different time periods within history. For instance, you’ll find yourself blasting away the undead in ancient Egypt. In addition, you can find yourself firing away at your enemies in feudal Japan. But wherever you end up, you’ll have your gun to depend on.

You have a limited number of lives in the beginning of each level. Occasionally, there will be opportunity to collect extra lives as they happen to appear during your zombie kill spree. So basically, you’ll want to survive to the end as waves of the undead come after you. This will require a lot of maneuvering and shooting, much like the gameplay behind Burn Zombie Burn. Although the idea for Age of Zombies is not original, it’s still fun nonetheless. And if you factor in the funny quotes that come from your character, the game ends up with quite a sense of humor that will tickle your funny bone.

Initially, you are equipped with a basic weapon as well as unlimited ammo. While hordes of zombies come up at you, weapons of various types, such as shotguns, mines and bazookas, will occasionally appear for you to use. These have a finite amount of ammo, however, so it’s advisable that you constantly collect different weapons in order to increase your chances of survival.

The game is divided into chapters, each consisting of three levels. The last one will have you facing the boss, which could range from a vast number of zombies at once to a giant undead Tyrannosaurus Rex! While there is a bit of diversity in gameplay, Age of Zombies does suffer in terms of a limited amount of content. Considering that it is made up of six worlds, players can complete in just a few hours. However, the survival mode that is unlocked for every world you finish helps add further challenge and extends the game’s longevity.


Although Age of Zombies is not exactly the most thrilling or dynamic title out there, it does have some appeal if you’re seeking something suitable for casual sessions and mindless gameplay. Given that it was designed for the PlayStation Vita, this would likely fit the description for most players.

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