Throwback Thursday: Win Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD on PSN or PC!

ACLHDThus far in 2014 we’ve shown a little love to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Vita, so this week we figured we’d give a nod to the PC (via UPlay) and the PlayStation Network. How are we doing that you ask? Why, by giving away copies of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD, of course! So yeah, that’s what we’re gonna do.

***Please Note: I originally misidentified the codes as Steam codes. They are not. Instead, they are full-game PC downloads via Ubisoft’s UPlay system. So, while the delivery is different, the result is the same — you get to play ACLHD on your PC. For instructions on how to redeem a UPlay code, click here. Apologies for the confusion.***


We finished posting our year in reviews earlier this month, but we’d like to know what you think, too. So, to enter simply post the game (or system, situation, etc.) that MOST disappointed you in 2013 in the comments section below. Feel free to explain your choice when posting, or you can simply list the title. Remember to include your format preference and, if you’re on Twitter, please include your @handle as well. If not, just make sure the email address you use when entering is valid.

Sample Entry
That Way of the Dogg didn’t win every publication’s GOTY


Winners will be selected at random on Wednesday, January 29th. All entries must be submitted by 8 PM EDT/5 PM PDT on Wednesday. Please note that although anyone can enter you must either be following me on Twitter or submit a working email address to win.

Good luck!


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216 Responses to Throwback Thursday: Win Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD on PSN or PC!

  1. Sobou says:

    Castle of Illusion HD for PC due to how shoddy of a port it was.

  2. Jordan says:

    Starwars 1313 getting canned 😦

  3. Don says:

    Actually a bit disappointed in Beyond: Two Souls. I’m a huge Heavy Rain fan, so I was expecting something groundbreaking, not iterative.

  4. AIman says:

    I was really disappointed in aliens colonial marines

  5. Anthony MCC says:

    Dissapointed in how watchdogs was delayed

  6. Dave says:

    It was way too broken to play. Even now they are still fixing it for 4 damn months.

  7. Chris says:

    Battlefield 4

  8. Caitlin says:

    Dead Space 3. The co-op and action took all the horror out of the game.

  9. Seth Jackson says:

    Star Trek

  10. Wuvein says:

    Aliens: Colonial Marines. I do hope the next Alien game can turn things around.

  11. Jordan says:

    Reposting this cause i forgot to add psn
    Starwars 1313 getting canned 😦

  12. darkdusk says:

    System that disappointed me: PS Vita. Why is noone making games for it? It’s already been two years since its release, and the number of Vita games is still awfully low, even in the Japanese market. It’s basically an upgraded PSP, so development shouldn’t be that difficult, right?


  13. John Thayer says:

    Aliens colonial marines just straight terrible shouldn’t have been made.

  14. I’ll probably say DmC. It was okay, but not nearly as awesome as MGR, Bayo or old DMC games. (PSN) @moggsster

  15. Adam says:

    GTA Online

  16. Battlefield 4 for being a buggy mess on launch and months later it’s still being fixed.

  17. Lucas says:

    Batman:Arkham Origins.They left side of the single-player campaign that was the strong point of the previous games, and more focused on multiplayer. There was no need for it.


  18. Daniel says:

    Dust 514, It has so much potential, but CCP has no experience making FPS, it feels like the game it’s still in beta.

  19. zerop1 says:

    Nintendo Wii U failure in 2013 and the growing disappointment in 2014.

  20. BenderBRodrig says:

    Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers

  21. Tommy says:

    Aliens: Colonial Marines The demo looked promising and it got everyone excited about the game, then it comes out and there are so many issues. This could also have been an amazing game on the Wii U with the Wii U zapper thing (the Wii zapper gun that holds the Wii game pad like a scope, I think they showed this in one of the Wii U commercials\demos). On the Wii U that could have been the motion radar seen in the movies.

  22. Eric says:

    Ride to Hell Retribution

  23. bipple305 says:

    Wii U’s lack of games releases.

  24. Sindroam says:

    The Last Of Us

  25. aspieboy says:

    Battlefield 4 yawner

  26. Battlefield 4. Looked great, played terrible. I give it a year before it runs at it’s best.

  27. Leon says:

    Xbox One struggles to play games at 1080P and/or 60 FPS

  28. Wen says:

    multi-player only, then the cancellation of CnC Generals 2

  29. John Bacovcin says:

    dead space 3.
    Someone at EA: “hey,we gotta work on the new dead space here but were out or original ideas,what do we do???”
    Rational guy: “well,id say we could take the story we know and love,add more to it,and make it so that it has all the same gameplay and weapons the fans love but with new weapons and a mode to create new weapons”
    Someone at EA: “nahhhhhh,that would require EFFFFFFEORTTTTTTTTTT UGHHHHHHHHHHHH”
    “steve” from EA: “what if we took everything great about the first two games,light that on fire and start completely fresh with broken gameplay,broken weapon system,and no more scary monsters because we got angry emails from mothers”
    Someone from EA: “STEVE…..YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!!!”

    oh yeah,PSN.

    P.S i did not like dead space 3 as you can tell lol

  30. Watch Dogs getting pushed into 2014.

  31. Sharar says:

    Dead Space 3….

  32. background6 says:


  33. MGS:ground zero. its not out and even if it out, too expensive for a tutorial

  34. hestar69 says:

    The Xbox One

    From being under powered to having a HORRIBLE party system,I regret my purchase daily..Why did none of my friends wanna get a ps4 😦



  35. Watch Dogs Delay 😦

  36. Jake says:

    Aliens: Colonial Marines!

  37. Aliens: Colonial Marines wasn’t very good, maybe it was rushed for publication before it was ready.

  38. Aliens: Colonial Marines wasn’t very good, maybe it was rushed for publication before it was ready.

  39. tkrs1 says:

    The launch lineup for the new consoles. Hardly any titles that would warrant a day one purchase.


  40. Steven says:

    Battlefield 4!

  41. CthulhuSaves says:

    Battlefield 4. My first ever pre-order and it was simply awful (SP campaign). Paid a small fortune for a game that lasted just a few hours, had silly arcade-like elements forced into it (boxes of magically appearing gear at intervals), and unrealistic story elements (dialogue was especially out-of-place). Such a shame, especially when BF3 was so amazing and fun. I’ll likely avoid pre-ordering anything again, just to play it safe.

    PSN (ID: x_CthulhuSaves_x)

  42. Veteranu says:

    Aliens: Colonial Marines

  43. Andrew says:

    I was excited when Battlefield 4 launched with the PS4, until I realized it didn’t work for months. My single player save was deleted and the game crashed back to the dashboard. I was very disappointed.

  44. clay says:

    VITA overall , it had so much potential too:(

  45. John says:


  46. CaptainJoel says:

    It being announced that David Hayter would not be playing Big Boss in MGSV.

  47. Gabriel says:

    Battlefield 4, such a buggy launch.


  48. Arren says:

    Aliens: Colonial Marines without a doubt.

  49. Cactus says:

    Xbox One, because of its hardware, the focus on social and tv and other things.


  50. Rise of the Triad – ugh … Not sure if the old-school gameplay holds up anymore


  51. Hupfi says:

    Aliens Colonial Marines, expected a much better game :/

  52. sofyand says:

    Star Wars 1313 being scrapped

  53. Dedy Sofyan says:

    Star Wars 1313 being scrapped

  54. FenDozer says:

    That the new dMc: Devil May Cry game did not get more recognition. That game is FANTASTIC! Definitely one of my favorite games of the year.

  55. The FDR says:

    GTA Online… Rockstar STILL has not added heists.

  56. Matt says:

    No release date for Mirror’s Edge 2.

  57. JD B says:

    Aliens: Colonial Marines

  58. Junpei says:

    Microsoft console strategy (or lack thereof), from their absolutely underwhelming Xbox One reveal (TV, TV, TV, sports, sports, sports, Call of Duty…) to the complete obliteration of its digital sharing and distribution approach (which could have been fantastic if handled correctly), passing through inadequate hardware, inexcusable entry price and the endless balooney PR talk… I love my Xbox 360, and I’ll stay with it until (if) they can provide me a true successor.

  59. Lazar Alexandru says:

    GTA V. Not launched on PC.

  60. Bullseye says:

    Xbox One. Completely underwhelmed by the next generation. Ugly, expensive, and as far as I can tell, does nothing better than the Xbox 360. No backwards compatibility, focus on social media and entertainment crap that I have zero interest in. I’m guessing one still has to pay extra to play multiplayer games (which seems to be the focus of all games now). I’ll wait until the price drops and buy a PS4.

  61. hideaki-sama says:

    Payday 2 because the trailer was awesome, but it got too repetitive!

  62. cobolatrix says:

    GTA V (the online part)

  63. Brian Warner says:

    Battlefield 4

  64. Blake says:

    Deadpool. The disappointing thing was it had so much potential – the writing is witty and our spandex-clad hero constantly breaks the fourth wall to hilarious effect. But the monotonous gameplay really lets the game down – I was bored of the gameplay in less than a hour. A real shame, given that the writing is up there with the giddy heights of Saints Row IV, which merged great script and great gameplay.

  65. Aliens: Colonial Marines

  66. CinematicSky says:

    I was actually pretty disappointed in Ni No Kuni. It looked pretty and I was excited for it but I tried the demo and the gameplay was really meh for me. Although, to be fair, I’m not the biggest fan of RPGs in general.

  67. Mike says:

    GTA Online


  68. Star Wars 1313 getting shuttered. probably our last chance to get a grown up Star Wars game got a Disney signature double-tap to the back of the head…

  69. Cory-Lee Dunn says:

    GTAV Online definitely.

  70. Battlefield 4 single player corruption still isn’t fixed

  71. James says:

    I would have to say Arkham Origins, not as great as I had hoped for. I took a chance with it and was disappointed for the $60 I paid for. Doesn’t help that it went on a half off sale like a month after it released.

  72. syniz says:

    Lack of new content in Star Wars The Old Republic. Way too much Cartel Market stuff.

  73. Having to pay for online multiplayer for PS4

  74. darklurkr23 says:

    I was disappointed gaming wise in Skullgirls, but i know it was out of their hands w/ the dlc.

    But non-gaming-still-gaming wise Taco Bell Promotion. I didn’t win my PS4! I bought like 5 big boxes too XD

  75. sergiosuperche says:

    WiiU’s short list of good games

  76. antonio says:

    Ride To Hell: Retribution

  77. sebastian says:

    uncharted 3 bored the hell out of me.

  78. memku says:

    Aliens colonial marines

  79. Eric says:

    Dead Island: Riptide. That series would be so good if they just put a little more into it.

  80. mixmastar0b says:

    GTA V thought it would be as good as the 4th one but sucked

  81. Luke says:

    I loved remember me so much that I was disappointed that not everyone felt the same way! Does that count? 🙂


  82. nvsareval says:

    Aliens: Colonial Marines was a colossal failure and Company of Heroes 2 being a very safe sequel to the first

  83. kinect sports rivals

  84. The PSP. Lack of Sony mobile releases is a bit disturbing.

  85. Aliens: Colonial Marines.

  86. Luke says:

    aliens colonial marines

  87. rmr34 says:

    GTA V Online

  88. Ruven says:

    Dead Space 3.The plot hole near the end.It felt more like 3d person Diablo game. @zero110100

  89. Mike says:

    Me not winning a ps4 from the tacobell promotion and the VGAs/VGXs.

  90. gmsephiroth says:

    Battlefield 4. I was getting bored of BF3 and really hoped this would inject some life into the series, but it was not to be.

  91. @Bubby_Bobble says:

    I was lucky enough to avoid all of the stinkers. Though if I had to pick one thing, I’d go with Borderlands 2’s Headhunter packs. They’re good, but way too short. Thankfully I got them on sale.
    And I’d like a PC code, please. ^^

  92. David Gowers says:

    Brother: A Tale Of Two Sons.
    Although I DID enjoy it a lot, I was expecting something a lot more engaging and emotional than I found. And it ended rather abruptly.

  93. Richard Carter says:

    Xbox One and PS4 not having backwards compatability. I know I know, next gen and all, but still, one can’t help to be disappointed that the games you’ve played before will just be shelved and forgotten eventually.

  94. Xbox One – They ran away from being a gaming console, and seemed to shutter at the thought of being solely that. From the leaks, the failed “always online/once in 24 hrs DRM check in” strategy (meaning the fact that this ever existed), the insulting of gamers on Twitter who questioned the internet being as ubiquitous as electricity comments by MS staff, the continued of focus by MS on hijacking the entire living room with their console, forcing Kinect on gamers, and the lack of games that interest a gamer who’s preferred console was the 360 in the last gen (but owned all consoles + PC)…..among other things.

  95. Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut for PS3.
    Surprisingly, this turned out to be one of my all-time favorite games, but it also frustrates me more than anything else. Ever. It’s actually quite amusing how that turned out. Beggars can’t be choosers, I guess.

  96. Phillip says:

    Xbox live for not give any good games for being a subscriber.

  97. 299 says:

    Watch Dog getting pushed back it was one of the reasons I got my Xbox One

  98. Gio S. says:

    Alien:Colonial Marines was the biggest disappointment for me this year.I was so looking forward to the game.

    Xbox 360

  99. Rob L. says:

    GTA Online – WHERE are the heists!?!?!
    No twitter but email is good

  100. GTA Online was a big letdown.

  101. shawnsig says:

    Southpark: The Stick of Truth getting delayed

  102. Thundarr says:

    Star Wars 1313 getting canned.

  103. John says:

    Aliens: Colonial Marines

  104. Lewis says:

    Battlefield 4

  105. Sam_Fisher says:

    That EA sold BF4 for $60 and then promptly tacked on $25 DLC 2 weeks after release even though they hadn’t even fixed the game itself yet.

  106. louiedog says:

    GTA Online. The money system created a situation where everyone just wanted to grind and exploit and the matchmaking to set things up is so slow that it took a really long time to find any fun in that game.

  107. tylerconlee says:

    Xbox Games With Gold, and the entirety of the Wii U.

  108. The ending of The Last of Us.

  109. joseph fuller says:

    I’m dissapointed in the dramatic increase in microtransaction in games at release.

  110. NIckConsolini says:

    Battliefield 4 the multiplayer is broken and campaign doesnt save

  111. Infinity89 says:

    Girl Fight

  112. lukas kahle says:

    Everything dissapoints me

  113. Janice says:


  114. George Kot says:

    The 2Ds – I feel like It’s a terrible attempt at a quick cash grab for Nintendo.

  115. Dawn M says:

    Microsoft’s E3 presentation.


  116. Finding out that games like ACIV: Black Flag and COD: Ghosts don’t run 60 fps/1080p natively on Xbox.

  117. Dean M says:

    NBA LIVE 14’s disappointment! The animations, physics, graphics, AI and gameplay were all terrible IMO especially for next gen! I bought it new and quickly traded it in not long after.


  118. Aliens: Colonial Marines

  119. tmwfte81 says:

    Aliens: Colonial Marines

  120. S. J. says:

    Xbox One – for forcing the Kinect upon us. ‘Nuff said.

  121. Aliens: Colonial Marines

  122. other than Aliens: Colonial Marines, the lack of titles coming for both next gen systems is really stupid.

  123. Games with Gold. Most of the games they gave us were terrible Arcade games. ( expect Sleeping Dogs, Fable III and ACII i really liked these)


  124. The next-gen consoles are disappointing. I remember being mesmerized the first time I played my first PS2 game and when I booted up my first 360 game too. That feeling wasn’t present with my first PS4 game at all.

  125. BorntoPlay says:

    Aliens: Colonial Marines

  126. says:

    Aliens Colonial Marines

  127. Rob Haggerty says:

    The new Battlefront game being announced by EA and Dice

  128. oldmaro says:

    watchdogs getting delayed

  129. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified on PC. It’s a terrible port and the game itself is a mediocre TPS.

  130. kitlerc says:

    Rock Band ended its DLC

  131. The Wii U still sucking so much… was hoping enough would come about to make it worth buying sometime.

  132. Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD is not cross-buy or Cross-Save with the PS Vita version. 😦

  133. MrVonAwesometon says:

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for having a weird name, being 4 hours long, and having shoddy controls (particularly the Zan Datsu cutting in the boss fights). I did, however, enjoy how over the top the final boss was and how you could wear a sombrero, also how said sombrero would be on top of the box and barrel when you used them.

  134. Aleksander1337 says:

    That you must have ps+ to play online on ps4, but free games tho 😀


  135. Aleksander1337 says:

    That you must have ps+ to play online on ps4, but free games tho 😀

  136. Sam Hines says:

    Dead Space 3

  137. Garrett says:

    Battlefield 4

  138. Zola says:

    Fez. Why? Just look at it.

  139. Still no NBA 2k14 or Live 14 on PS Vita…

  140. No Games for Gold on Xbox One. I mean come on Microsoft! Get with the program already!

  141. Robbo says:

    Watch_Dogs being delayed – it was one of the reasons why I bought a PS4!

  142. Guest says:

    XboxOne thought it would be better

  143. NikiNapalm says:

    Since I didn’t get many games last year, all of the game delays in 2013 was disappointing. It seems like a majority of the most anticipated games were pushed back soon before their release dates. But, I guess in the long run it’s for the best and I can’t wait to see the final results!



  144. Edwin says:

    Microsoft’s Xbox One Reveal presentation and Microsoft’s E3 2013 presentation. the disappointment just speaks for itself

  145. Xbox One first reveal ” ” I mean this video summarize it all …
    -Xbox Go Home 😦

  146. Roger says:

    Fireburst: boom fire boom boom fire you won

  147. gpackin says:

    Ride to Hell: Retribution

  148. oasis789 says:

    When Bioshock Infinite had only checkpoint saving

  149. bkjohns1 says:

    lack of time to play games

  150. Shiro says:

    Pokemon Bank being delayed for about a month now.

  151. itzd4n says:

    aliens: colonial marines
    it had potential but gearbox didn’t even try


  152. Jason says:

    Batman Arkham Origins: Huge letdown. Good thing I only borrowed it and didn’t pay full price for it

  153. aemberr says:

    Definitely Aliens: Colonial Marines. Huge fan of the Aliens franchise and that game was an absolute mess. Never touching a Gearbox product again.

  154. Louis Royal says:

    WiiU Sales were what disappointed me and lack of top notch titles for it.

  155. gilby says:

    Marvel Heroes. I like ARPGs, I like superheroes, but I just couldn’t get into the combo of the two.

  156. gilby says:

    Marvel Heroes. I like ARPGs, I like superheroes, but I just couldn’t get into the combo of the two.



  157. jucabotas says:

    Battlefield 4

  158. Leonard says:

    Aliens Colonial Marines

  159. cktroll says:

    Guild Wars 2
    wasn’t the sequel to Guild Wars 1, just another MMO

  160. Watch Dogs delay and Arkham Origins not being as good as other games

  161. lukemichaels says:

    Arkham Origins

  162. Aaron says:

    So upset Watch Dogs was delayed


  163. Battlefield 4. It had online problems and caused campaigns to be deleted. The game felt like a beta testing. EA needs to step up and treat the community better.

  164. @Lasor4 says:

    Aliens Colonial Marines
    I am a huge aliens fan so I was super excited about the game. I could not stand playing it and promptly brought it back.
    PSN please

  165. luis borjon says:

    I was really disappointed in aliens colonial marines

  166. rpmboy says:

    Aliens: Colonial Marines

  167. David DaSilva says:

    Call of Duty: Ghosts
    I was so glad that Zombies was gone but in its place was an incredibly monotonous and basic “aliens” mode.


  168. Dave G says:

    Watch Dogs getting delayed

  169. xGATOxMALOx says:

    I wish The Bridge was longer.



  170. Watch Dogs being delayed. I was really looking forward to playing it.

  171. 11samype says:

    The total failure of the Wii U in 2013



  172. celsowm says:

    Aliens: Colonial Marines

  173. KetchupHeroXVII says:

    Battlefield 4

  174. GreenWFish says:

    Ride to Hell: Retribution
    Xbox 360

  175. MoonBlazeXY says:

    -Lost Planet 3

  176. Gold Campus says:

    Call of Duty: Ghosts

  177. Xbox Ranger says:

    Battlefield 4


  178. Easy Lemon says:

    Aliens: Colonial Marines


    – Xbla

  179. Omega Book says:

    Batman Arkham Origins 😦

  180. Mage Compact says:

    Sonic Wii U (lost world)

  181. Joseph says:

    Failure of CoD: Ghosts / Battlefield 4.


  182. JohnWaffles says:

    Battlefield 4. Train wreck of a game right there.

  183. The Last Guardian didn’t come out. That will be my biggest disappointment every year until it does come out.

  184. Pieter says:

    The lack of games for the Wii U

  185. Activision’s “support” of Cod: Ghosts for WiiU re: patches

  186. Robert Goodall says:

    I really didn’t like Far Cry 3. From all the hype and good things I heard, when I played it I was unimpressed and sad.


  187. Krishna says:

    Watchdogs on PSN…I was so looking forward for that. That and the fact that I cant afford a PS4 right now, even though I am stoked about “infamous: Second Son”.

  188. Neko says:

    Atomic Ninja

  189. Boog says:

    Aliens: Colonial Marines – very disappointing.

  190. Lamis says:

    I’m disappointed of how Sony don’t care much about the vita, it has a really poor store compared to my iPad, yeah big games but a lot less options. Sad.

  191. I was most upset about Watch Dogs getting pushed back by almost 8 months, I was really looking forward to playing it on my ps4

  192. David V says:

    Disappointed Nintendo didn’t make more of its time advantage.

  193. Disappointed in the lack of announcements/improvement on PlayStation Home. Really hope Sony changes it to LittleBigWorld and allow us to use Sackboy as our avatar. There’s so much more Sony can do with their IPs and systems

  194. Mirror Cake says:

    Aliens Colonial Marines

  195. Timothy Beaty says:

    LucasArts closing its doors. So much wasted potential!

  196. Timothy Beaty says:

    Timothy Beaty :
    LucasArts closing its doors. So much wasted potential!

    Forgot system: XBLA

  197. carlos says:

    XBLA || PSN

  198. Aliens: Colonial Marines.@archangelreb

  199. Damn sure it is Aliens CM… the horror

  200. David says:

    Disappointed that The Last of Us felt like re-skinned Uncharted 3 with a few additions

  201. Brandroid says:

    Watchdogs… that it didn’t come out at all.

    Format: assuming you’re saying PSN or PC, I’ll choose PSN. If 360 is available, I’d choose 360.

  202. Aliens: Colonial Marines broke my heart. I played it throughout with tears in my eyes. It was so bad but I wanted to love it 😦

  203. kr4zyz0mbi3 says:

    Gears of War Judgment

  204. ShinSolidus says:

    Aliens: Colonial Marines….ouch…

  205. Gran says:

    Battlefield 4

  206. Jason says:

    Lilly Looking Through not being long enough
    PC or PSN

  207. Christy says:

    Ryse disappointed me. Still felt like a Kinect game.
    PSN please!

  208. Dustin Drinkard says:

    Call Of Duty: Ghost

    Did nothing to further progress the game in ways of FPS.


  209. nukkus says:

    Daikatana didn’t win Steam GOTY.

  210. Chris Pratt says:

    xbone fiasco. and sony going for the juggular

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