Nintendo 3DS Review: Galaxy Force 2

This game will blow your mind in 3D.

This game will blow your mind in 3D.

By: Justin Redmon

Galaxy Force 2 brings up some fond memories for me, memories of being so absolutely terrible at the game that I vowed never to look at it again. Lo and behold what would show up in the eShop but the aforementioned title, ported to take full advantage of the 3DS’ signature features. It’s a grudge match if there ever was, and with all the new features that Sega shipped this re-release with, my second time around with this title was significantly more enjoyable and fewer explosions filled.

Galaxy Force 2 always reminded me of a Star Fox and After Burner hybrid, but with way more enemies on screen at a time. This port stays true to the original, (it’s still ridiculously hard even on default difficulty), as well as adding in a few different options to shape the experience how you will. First and foremost, controls are completely remappable, something I’d actually recommend as well. Surprisingly, there’s circle pad pro support implemented, but beyond using it for throttle control there’s not much point, so you’re not missing much if you decide to go without.

As with the controls, you can shape your game and screen settings how you will. You get four options of different screen sizes, two with a faux arcade machine border and two without, as well as the choice of two different backgrounds if you decide on the arcade machine style. The HUD comes customizable as well, letting you choose three levels of implementation; DX, Super DX, or just off completely. The DX and Super DX modes play an even greater effect for those who chose to play with the arcade machine border, letting you experience the game how it would be played in the arcades with a moving cabinet.

Let me say this, 3D is mind blowing in this game. Honestly one of the best uses I’ve seen of it and a total plus for getting the game. Watching missiles track and take down enemies is nothing short of spectacular, and I’d say the game is worth the asking price for that alone. The difficulty options seal the deal for me though, and as someone who was laughably bad at the game, having the option to tune everything from your base energy to the overall difficulty lets you make the game as hard or as easy as you want. The only gripes I have with Galaxy Force 2 is some somewhat scratchy audio quality during level select, but past that, there’s no reason you shouldn’t pick this up.

OVERALL (4.25/5)

Galaxy Force 2 is an excellent port for the 3DS, making an already great game better with some amazing 3D effects.


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