Nintendo 3DS Review: Bird Mania Christmas

I guess these birds don't fly south for the winter.

I guess these birds don’t fly south for the winter.

By: Uma Smith

Christmas may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still keep its jolly spirit. Thanks to an ambitious blue bird, we get to relive the winter wonderland cheer with Teyon’s latest Nintendo 3DS game, Bird Mania Christmas. And considering how this title was just released a day after Christmas of 2013, you know it’s not only meant to be enjoyed within this festive holiday!

To clarify right from the get-go, Bird Mania Christmas is all about getting that high score. To add some variety, the level does randomize while you gather items and avoid obstacles. And if you run into another bird, you’ll get a multiplier to your score. As there is no end to the game, you basically have a straightforward objective of both surviving and collecting.

Controls are very simple with just two buttons responsible for moving up and down. That’s about it! You do have the options of the available buttons to use other than the up and down on the d-pad to control such movements. As a result, Bird Mania Christmas plays out to be one heck of an addictive game considering the controls are tight and responsive. This is very important when it comes to progressing later on when things speed up.

In terms of the overall look, Bird Mania Christmas is a “mania” of visual cartoons. The characters on screen appear friendly with solid, crisp colors. And the transition effects between day and night are sudden but welcomed. It gives a little extra appeal to the players’ eyes as the scenery changes, thus keeping the presentation from being dull.

That being said, Bird Mania Christmas does suffer from being too simple of a game. While it has a high potential of being very addictive, those who are expecting a lot of gameplay and/or elaborate detail will find this lacking for a great deal.

Given that obtaining a high score is the very lifeline of this game, Bird Mania Christmas maintains its replay value with online leaderboards that are broken down into a few categories. You get weekly, monthly and lifetime categories to help with your progression. On top of that, there is also a leaderboard that shows how you perform amongst just your friends.

OVERALL (3.25/5)

Even though Christmas is officially over, Bird Mania Christmas is here to stay; that is, depending on whether or not you’ll be welcoming to a simple, endless score-attack title like this. Still, its $1.99 price tag at the Nintendo eShop is very inviting considering the casual yet addictive gameplay experience that it has to offer.


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