PS Vita Review: Furmins

Acme traps are selling well these days.

Acme traps are selling well these days.

By: Casey Curran

Furmins is basically what you get when you mix Angry Birds with Lemmings. The game consists of guiding creatures, known as Furmins, using a variety of objects to a specific goal. While this sounds more like Lemmings, the preparation for manipulating these objects is very reminiscent of Angry Birds. These objects can include trampolines, ice, which melts over a period of time, and pads that launch Furmins up upon tapping the touch pad.

The interface is very simple and easy to use. Every object is dragged with the touch screen and the game is as easy to pick up and play as they get. This simplicity presents an issue. The game has you go in blind with what to expect from putting an item in a specific area. This is problematic as the physics and mechanics are a little too complex for the puzzles provided. There’s a lot of guesswork factoring in how gravity and angles work, to the point where I solved a good chunk of the puzzles just by guessing what would do what.

There are a lot of levels that do a good job of introducing new obstacles to try out. Yet the game does a poor job of demonstrating exactly what a new object does. This is not too big of an issue as the game offers no kind of penalty for experimenting, but it does present an annoying side effect every time you get to try out some new tool to manipulate.

Backgrounds are vibrant and colorful, while the objects you manipulate are well detailed. The issue is that these do not mesh together very well, creating a game which looks awkward and weird. This is made even worse by how the Furmins look liked some kind of cheap Furby knock off and clash with both the objects and backgrounds. The result is a game that looks awkward even though each individual element works well.


Furmins is as mixed of a bag as a game gets. It offers a number of good puzzles countered by a wealth of offerings based too much on trial and error. It has individual elements that mostly look great on their own, yet do not really work well together. There’s a really good puzzle game in there somewhere, but it does not get everything working to be as good as it could have been.


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