Nintendo 3DS Review: Crazy Chicken: Director’s Cut 3D

Behold my light saber!

Behold my light saber!

By: Uma Smith

We’ve seen chickens being showcased on the big screen in such movies as Chicken Run and Chicken Little. But I guess these “fowl” creatures want to spread their publicity onto video game consoles as well. Courtesy of Teyon, their latest Nintendo 3DS game called Crazy Chicken: Director’s Cut 3D is now available from the eShop as a downloadable title.

The premise behind this game is that you shoot down a bunch of chickens within a movie setting. Actually, it’s a total of two settings — horror and science fiction. The latter is accessible from the start, but after playing a few minutes, you’ll get the former setting unlocked. Essentially, your objective is to achieve a high score with the limited amount of ammo you have.

Using the stylus on the bottom touch screen of the Nintendo 3DS, you’ll be able to move and aim your crosshair. As such, the controls are responsive and smooth. The only other buttons you’ll need to be aware of are those responsible for reloading and shooting. These are assigned to the face buttons, d-pad and the shoulder buttons. So there is a lot of autonomy in terms of the control layout that accommodates both right- and left-handed players.

Graphics-wise, Crazy Chicken: Director’s Cut 3D is pretty basic at best. While the amount of activity on screen can get pretty busy, the use of special effects is quite minimal. Furthermore, the 3D effect doesn’t produce much of a lasting impression. So, while the character designs and colors may seem plentiful, the end result leaves a flat impact on players.

The music itself doesn’t provide much of a punch either when you consider the constant looping of the same tunes over and over (and over). Nonetheless, the humorous audio effects do give the game some of its charming and hilarious moments.

Talking specifically about each setting, the horror scene consists of props that include Frankenstein and The Exorcist while the science fiction is made up of Star Wars, Men In Black and Aliens. During the game, there are a variety of chickens to shoot down. They can be quite funny to look at with their wacky actions. But, of course, don’t let this distract from your main goal of getting a high enough score for yourself.

As you progress further, the setting expands, thus affording you the opportunity to fire at more of these “fowl” creatures. Do note that there are specific non-chicken targets that reward you with points. So it becomes a game of discovery. However, such an ordeal can only hold its appeal for so long, and eventually it ends up feeling repetitive and monotonous.

Because Crazy Chicken: Director’s Cut 3D does feature online leaderboards, it could manage to captivate the players’ attention spans. The fact that they would be able to see how they perform in comparison to others around the world could potentially encourage them to revisit the game to keep that top ranking.

At the end of the day, however, it boils down to whether or not you’ll get tired of seeing the same two settings as you fire away with a limited number of ammo. Hence, it’s best to play this type of game on casual sessions.

OVERALL (2.75/5)

Crazy Chicken: Director’s Cut 3D is a very affordable game offering in the 3DS eShop. While it offers cheap fun, players may feel the overall gameplay experience to be cheap itself. Therefore, this 3DS title’s shallow yet “crazy” idea may or may not sit well with players, depending on how welcoming they are toward simple types of games.


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