PS Vita Review: Rainbow Moon

Get off my lawn or face the wrath of my Megadrones!

Get off my lawn or face the wrath of my Megadrones!

By: Uma Smith

It’s been a little over a year since Rainbow Moon released for the PlayStation 3. While it may have some issues, the game has some solid gameplay and happenin’ graphics. SideQuest Studios didn’t just stop there. They worked hard in ensuring that Rainbow Moon saw the day of light for the PlayStation Vita. With its arrival in December of 2013, will this particular title still have a pot of gold at the end of its “rainbow”?


Both the PlayStation 3 and Vita copies of Rainbow Moon will have the version 2.0 patch applied, which will essentially give the same degree of controls and fixes for both of them. That said, there are improvements made so that character movements are smoother and more responsive. Furthermore, the mechanics behind the menus have changed so as to prevent any unintended selections.

Unfortunately, the absence of the touch screen features feels as if Rainbow Moon has fallen a bit short in terms of unleashing its potential on the PlayStation Vita. While it’s a pity, the controls still translate very well onto this portable console.


Quite impressively, Rainbow Moon for the PlayStation Vita turned out just as beautifully as the console version, if not even better. This is mainly because of the use of its OLED screen to help showcase its graphics in all their colorful glory.

Shifting over to the audio aspect of things, Rainbow Moon does give mixed results. Both the sound effects and voice acting leave much to be desired due to their lack of lasting impression as well as its repetitiveness. The saving grace here, however, would be its stellar background music.

GAMEPLAY (4.25/5)

Being a perfect port of the PlayStation 3 version (the full version of which can be read here), you should expect all the same RPG enjoyment and mayhem for the PlayStation Vita. The game does not have multiplayer from the get-go. So, one should not expect any online leaderboards or multiplayer features. Hence, this is meant to be enjoyed via the single-player experience.

Considering again that the newest patch would lead to fixes and improvements incorporated for the home and portable console versions, the gameplay is essentially identical. The overall playthrough will still require at least 40 hours on account of its massive content and involvement.

With that said, the main thing to note is that Rainbow Moon has changed so that it’s slightly more accessible. Additionally, its included features translate to convenience and flexibility in the eyes of the players, thereby giving more reasons for the game to be more addicting.

OVERALL (4.25/5)

Even though Rainbow Moon for the PlayStation Vita should be given almost the same evaluation as its console counterpart, the inclusion of bug fixes and improvements lead to a slightly higher mark. And with the cross-save functionality, this will play seamlessly between consoles. If you want to be able to devote some extra time to Rainbow Moon, be it on the couch or on the go, then you can’t go wrong here with the Vita.

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