Nintendo 3DS Review: Doodle Jump Adventures

Look! I'm a ninja!

Look! I’m a ninja!

By: Uma Smith

If you own a smart phone, chances are that you’ve come across, or at least heard of, a game called Doodle Jump. It’s a small with a simple premise and objective, and most important of all, it’s relatively cheap, if not, free. Well now, courtesy of GameMill Entertainment, we see this game “jump” on over to the Nintendo 3DS under the name Doodle Jump Adventures. Will this translation over to the portable console have player “jumping” for joy?

Playing as a multi-limbed creature known as Doodle the Doodler, you bounce from one platform to the next with the objective of reaching the goal at the top. Control-wise, you move this little creature by simply tilting your Nintendo 3DS to the left or right as it constantly jumps and down automatically. In addition, you’ll make use of the face button to shoot at enemies. The control scheme is very simple to get used to, although the inability to calibrate your gyroscope could be a potential hindrance if you happen to be playing in an environment that could throw your controls off a bit.

On the way, there are various obstacles including cannons, black holes and even vortexes, thereby adding a little variety during your upward-bouncing journey. Additionally, you’ll have opportunities to collect power-ups that could help you, such as springs to give you an extra temporary boost in height. Once you fall to the bottom or get hit by an enemy, the game is over and you’ll need to start again.

When you reach the goal, thus completing the level, you will be given up to three stars as means of evaluating your performance. Hence, you’ll be graded depending on how many points or coins you accumulated as well as the time you took to complete the level. Therefore, there is some incentive for players to revisit these challenges and improve on their score. The lack of online leaderboards, however, could put a halt to any replay value once the player gets the three-star rating.

Nevertheless, there is an adequate amount of content offered by Doodle Jump Adventures. With at least 40 levels to challenge you across four different worlds, you’ll get some nice casual sessions. On top of that, you’ll come across quite a few battles against bosses that add further difficulty as well as longevity to the game. Inclusions of such encounters give that extra degree of involvement and excitement to a game with such a simple premise.

The artistic style of the visuals involves a bunch of “doodles” on a scrap sheet of paper. While the presentation may seem a bit childish, it’s got a charm that keeps your attention span. And if you enter into different worlds, there’s a variety in the backgrounds, which maintains the game’s freshness. Sadly, the 3D effects don’t produce much of an impression, if any at all. The same goes with the audio since the sound effects are placed at a minimum, with no music during gameplay.

When you complete Doodle Jump Adventures, an endless mode gets unlocked, which plays out similarly to the original smart phone versions of the game. As well, there are hidden keys that will unlock bonus levels, thereby giving completionists something to work toward. Even though Doodle Jump Adventures is pretty difficult as you progress further, it runs the danger of captivating its audience once all modes and achievements have been accomplished.


At the end of the day, one must ask whether the $29.99 price tag from the eShop is justifiable for a game like Doodle Jump Adventures. While the gameplay concept is simple enough to get addicted, the overall product may be worth a bit less than the asking price. As such, I would recommend “jumping” at this game, but only when a discount is being offered.

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