Product Review: NBA Stacked Collection (Champs Sports)

Sadly, there's no vintage Paul Mokeski jersey.

Sadly, there’s no vintage Paul Mokeski jersey.

While we don’t typically stray from the gaming path, we’re making an exception this week and checking out adidas’ all-new NBA Stacked collection of jerseys and apparel available at Champs Sports. We got our hands on a sample jersey (Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant) and could instantly tell it was of a very high quality; and with an MSRP of $110 you’d expect nothing less.

The material is heavy duty with nice stitching, and the meshing of team colors with the dark gray camouflage looks really slick. Personally, I haven’t been much of a jersey enthusiast since high school when my collection of NBA and NHL jerseys was stolen, but this is something that I’d definitely feel comfortable wearing out.

For those that are interested, Champs Sports is currently sweetening the deal by offering a code for 2,000 Virtual Currency points to be used in 2k Sports’ NBA 2k14; and for those that haven’t purchased it already, you’ll also snag a coupon for $10 off of NBA 2k14 at GameStop. As part of the cross branding, both Champs Sports and adidas’ Stacked jerseys are featured within NBA 2k14.

With big names like Durant, reigning MVP LeBron James, the returning Derrick RoseKobe BryantBlake Griffin and more (sadly, no Steph Curry at this time) there’s a nice selection available for you or the sports fan on your holiday list.

For more information, head over to Champs Sports.


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