PS Vita Review: OMG Zombies HD

I guess when they said to stay out of the “red” light district, they meant it literally!

I guess when they said to stay out of the “red” light district, they meant it literally!

By: Uma Smith

If you haven’t grown tired of the increasing number of games featuring the undead, then you’re in luck. Laughing Jackal has made some upgrades and improvements to its original PlayStation Minis zombie title for the Vita. With OMG HD Zombies released very recently, will players be as enthusiastic with all the blood-spewing gameplay in this high definition form?

CONTROLS (3.5/5)

Touch controls are available as Laughing Jackal brings the game over to the Vita. Unfortunately, when it comes to levels where the zombies are heavily populated, issues of accuracy arise. Quite often, I have found that the touch control is imprecise and ends up thinking that I pressed on one part of the screen when I’m really touching another. Thankfully, you do have the option of using the left stick for movement and the X button to fire, which is a better control scheme, in my opinion.


OMG HD Zombies has the same minimalist approach as its predecessor with a limited color scheme. You have the typical black-and-white presentation with splashes of red whenever the zombies explode. There is also the option to display the color codes of the different classes of zombies. Overall, the game looks pretty sharp.

In terms of sound, OMG HD Zombies it does the job well, but there’s nothing groundbreaking here. The best part is when bullets hit the zombies as you hear the bloody explosions. It’s gruesome but satisfying. However, beyond that, there isn’t much to keep your senses engaged.

GAMEPLAY (3.75/5)

As stated earlier, this game is essentially a remake of OMG-Z (my previous review on this particular game can be found here). Nonetheless, there are a couple of new additions beyond the touch controls and enhancements to the presentation.

OMG HD Zombies features a couple new zombie types as well as levels. This adds a few layers of challenge to the table as well as some variety to the gameplay. However, this could also open doors to frustration. In particular, the mortar zombies make it difficult to predict the damage that you’ll inflict, which makes the whole chain-kill planning that much more difficult and unpredictable. When you have a level that houses this specific zombie, look out as you’re going to have some random results. If you can get past this, the 80 levels featured in this game will have you preoccupied with some undead-blasting fun.

A noticeable feature included is the prestige mode. In order to unlock this, you’ll need to beat the game with the highest medal for every level. This encourages players to revisit completed levels and increases its replay value. Once this prestige mode is accessible, you’ll be given the opportunity to earn higher scores. But in this case, when you have a greater prestige your high-score multiplier will be increased.

The addition of the online leaderboard is what will induce you to play the aforementioned prestige mode. Although it may feel repetitive in time, getting that higher prestige in order to get an “easier” time to get your high score onto the leaderboard will be the focus.

OVERALL (3.75/5)

OMG HD Zombies isn’t exactly a must own game if you already have the Minis version. However, if you never laid your hands on this title, its refinement and added features are reasons enough to pick this up for your PlayStation Vita. 

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