PSN Review: Skydive: Proximity Flight

It’s a nice view, even though I may possibly be plummeting to my death.

It’s a nice view, even though I may possibly be plummeting to my death.

By: Uma Smith

If you’re looking to get the feel and excitement behind sky diving, but without all the equipment and safety precautions (and ya know, risk of death), then you’re in luck. Gaijin Entertainment has brought forth a PlayStation 3 game called Skydive: Proximity Flight, which intends to simulate that very experience. Are you ready to make that “leap” of faith?

CONTROLS (4.75/5)

Thanks to some intuitive controls, Skydive: Proximity Flight allows players to “jump” right into this extreme sport. You can switch your perspective between first- and third-person with a simple tap of the triangle button. Furthermore, you have the option of using the PlayStation 3’s motion controls, left analog stick, or even two Move controllers. However you decide to move, you’ll notice that there is very little delay in terms of responsiveness.


In terms of the appearance, the texture quality is not as stellar as it could be nor is the resolution that high. Still, you get some nice weather effects as well as some pretty nifty graphical designs when it comes to the environments. In regards to the audio, your level of enjoyment will depend highly on your preference toward the particular genre of music showcased by this game. With some guitar and drum beats playing in the background, you’ll either feel like groovin’ or pushing the mute button on your TV.

GAMEPLAY (3.5/5)

You take on the role as one of the numerous skydivers sponsored by Monster, where you’ll be engaged in some gravity-defying acts and stunts. By pulling off tricks after you dive from one of many high points you’ll earn points. Meanwhile, you’ll be given the opportunity to fly in close proximity to environmental objects, including trees and rocks, which will help increase your combo multiplier. Ultimately, the crazier your session, the better your outcome and rewards.

Skydive: Proximity Flight consists of at least 40 missions where you’ll have a variety of objectives to fulfill. These can range from diving certain distances, flying through rings, and performing a set number of stunts. You’ll also be able to engage in four other races to compete against other opponents. This particular part of the game is where you may get your adrenaline pumping. A nice feature here is when a light trail is left behind your opponent, thus allowing you to see the routes they’re taking. This could, in turn, let you determine new routes that you can follow in the next run. Lastly, there is a freestyle mode where you can traverse any level as you wish.

With three stars being the best grade you can achieve, you’ll be induced to revisit completed challenges. The better you perform, the more challenges and additional characters you get to unlock. You’ll notice a few interesting appearances by Dracula and the squirrel girl, which may put a smile on your face. While this may give Skydive: Proximity Flight its replay value, its repetitiveness may hinder that. Since there is not a significant amount of creativity in terms of the level and gameplay design, the overall experience can grow old in time. Luckily, the inclusion of the leaderboard as well as the ability to create custom challenges for your friends to try out will retain some of the players’ attention span.

OVERALL (3.5/5)

While it may not be the most ground-breaking game, Skydive: Proximity Flight does have a few good points that will keep itself from crash landing due to failure. If you’re keen on these types of extreme sports, then the $19.99 price tag at the PlayStation Store should be something for you to “jump” for joy over.


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