November Giveaway: 30 Games in 30 Days


What if I told you, a man COULD have too many codes…

So, yeah, I’ve been away for a while. The combination of work, school and more conspired to limit my contributions in October to a handful of emails and a couple of reviews. Let’s just agree to call it the calm before the storm shall we?

Now then, since my schedule isn’t really lightening all that much I’m keeping “Throwback Thursday” on the sidelines for the time being and unleashing something different. Inspired by the ESPN documentary series 30 for 30, I have decided to give away 30 different games over the 30 days in November!

Doing the math, that means I’ll be giving away a game for each day of the month. They could be Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network or Steam. It could be one code or a bunch. It might be a code drop, trivia, retweets or something else entirely. One thing is for certain: IT’S ALL HAPPENING ON MY TWITTER FEED.

That’s right, all month long I’ll be giving away codes through my Twitter only so make sure you’re following me and don’t miss out.

Good luck, everyone!


About Herija Green

Avid gamer, adventurous lover and all-around damned handsome man...
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3 Responses to November Giveaway: 30 Games in 30 Days

  1. Thanks for do this, hopefully I will get something. 😛

  2. @ZeroP1 says:

    Cool I’ll try my best. Hopefully it’s not all code drops, I’m bad at those.

  3. nice contest i followed u heres hoping to win

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