XBLA/PSN Review: Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion

These guys are about to discover the diets of Orcs in the worst possible way.

These guys are about to discover the diets of Orcs in the worst possible way.

By: Jeff Cater

Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion is a light-hearted tale of a tribe of Orcs that discover their lush forests and rivers are being overrun by pollutants from the treacherous humans. As one of four Orcs, you quest through various locales to fix the wrongdoings done by the human scum. While there are definitely some rough edges in this forest, there are just enough niceties to warrant a look.


Controlling your chosen Orc works like any roaming brawler, scooting around with the left stick and attacking your foes using the face buttons. While responsive enough, sometimes the movement feels a touch lagged; though that is due mostly to some of the graphical issues the game has. You don’t get to manipulate the camera at all, which can cause a very claustrophobic feeling especially when there are four Orcs swinging about, belching and farting all over the place. The controls can also lag a little bit when multiple characters are activating their powers, which is a shame since that is a key mechanic to victory in most fights you’re in.


While the character models, textures and environments are all well done, for some reason there are vast problems with the frame rate. The models look good but aren’t extremely high quality, and the textures look sharp but not sharp enough to warrant the frame rate drop. I think that the draw distance has too much stuff needlessly rendered in the background, and that it ends up taking away from the experience a little bit.

Truthfully, I’ve made it out to be worse than it is. The game is completely playable, but the graphics simply chug unnecessarily, which can bring about a bit of annoyance. Otherwise, Orc Attack is a pretty nice looking title. Also, the environments are varied and keep the progression interesting in lieu of repetitive gaming mechanics.

On the aural front, don’t expect to hear much more than generic battle noises and typical enemy grunts. Conversely, the soundtrack is epic at times and fittingly mellow at the right moments. Surprisingly, it rates as the high point of the game.


Simply put, Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion is dreadfully boring when you are playing by yourself. It’s clearly designed to be a co-op experience because the mechanics rely on combining your powers with those of your friends. Being that this is the “Flatulent Rebellion,” you can probably guess what your super powers consist of.

Farting and belching your enemies into oblivion is a bit funny at first, but it quickly wears thin if you happen to be over the age of 14. Each Orc has a different gastrointestinal power at their disposal that blows enemy’s armor off and knocks them off their feet. You can also… strategically… fart near a bonfire in order to produce a powerful AOE attack that will clear most mobs you have to deal with.

Through the journey you can also pick up various weapons and masks/headdresses that add bonuses to your fallen enemies such as more XP. So, while Orc Attack is a snooze-fest while alone, it can be a decent romp through the polluted jungle with some buddies that dig the fart and burping jokes.


If you’ve got some kids or will literally play any brawler that comes out, Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion should be on the list of games to try out. While the plot is pretty thin, fighting off hordes of humans with your Orc brethren is a pretty damn fun time if you’ve got some friends or kids to play with. PRO TIP: it adds to the game if you eat as much Mexican food as possible before playing as well.

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