XBLA/PSN Review: Girl Fight

I guess this would be the best way to find out if those are fake.

I guess this would be the best way to find out if those are fake.

By: Uma Smith

In some of my previous reviews, I’ve mentioned how games aren’t showcasing enough women. Well, I guess I should be careful for what I wish for as Majesco has offered its new game for both Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network called Girl Fight. However, it’s not exactly what I asked for if you take notice of these characters’ attire…

CONTROLS (3.5/5)

Girl Fight plays out as a combo-fest type of fighter, much like Virtua Fighter and Dead or Alive. For the most part, the controls are pretty good, especially when executing combos successfully. There are times that the mechanics feel a bit stiff, though. You have the low and high attacks to take note of along with a power-up meter that allows you to perform special moves. Since the learning curve can be somewhat steep, it will likely take players some time to master their fighting skills.


Girl Fight‘s presentation involves mixing cel shading with 3D environments. While the backgrounds look quite nice with the special effects taking place, the characters themselves lack a certain degree of animation. That makes it seem like they don’t have any life in them. It’s unfortunate considering how this game looks to market itself on the basis of sex appeal.

On the other hand, Girl Fight manages to keep itself both exciting and dynamic with its soundtrack. The tunes can be really catchy with upbeat and lively impressions, that is if you are into that electronic type of music.


In Girl Fight, you’ll be able to choose from a decent number of characters who are… well, female, of course! You have the Foundation that is looking to create weapons out of these femme fatales with their special fighting abilities, called Psi Powers. As such, this immoral organization has been abducting and experimenting on these women as they enter virtual reality. In order to survive and free themselves, they have no choice but to engage in these battles.

Girl Fight plays out like a 2D fighter even though the setting appears to be designed on a 3D plain. In comparison to other games within the genre, this particular title doesn’t seem to flow as smoothly due to its rigid pace. Nonetheless, the combo executions are where your source of satisfaction lies. If you can take the time to learn patterns of attacks and moves, you’ll be potentially glued to its mechanics.

Beyond the main campaign, however, the number of game modes are pretty limited. There are currencies you can earn to unlock various moves, abilities, and even costumes. On top of that, you do have the opportunity to acquire new characters as you progress further. Still, when you consider how other fighting titles have at least a bit more variety in gameplay with the other modes available, it feels that Girl Fight falls short in terms of content.

Luckily, the game does have an online mode to test your abilities with others worldwide. So at least there is some replay incentive that’s being retained. However, the amount of enjoyment you get out of this particular mode will depend heavily on the number of players that actually play the game. Hence, if there’s no one online, you’re out of luck. For the time being, it’s looking pretty good to be able to challenge strangers. But whether or not you’ll find the amount of content to be satisfactory will depend on how much of a completionist you are.


Girl Fight appears to be an ambitious title, especially when it comes to the emphasis on exposing a lot of each characters’… “physical gifts.” Unfortunately, there are numerous other fighting games out there that offer way more in terms of excitement and content. Still, if you’re seeking a slightly different challenge that involves pulling off crazy combos, then it’s best to try out the demo before you dive in.


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