DLC Review: Magic 2014 Expansion (Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014)

Unleash the Goblins!

Unleash the Goblins!

By: Matthew Striplen

I’ve been known to play a little Magic in my time, but I’ve never been a true super fan, simply due to my unwillingness to buy thousands upon thousands of cards. That said, I do enjoy it, and Magic 2014 impressed me by how smoothly it recreated and streamlined the original card game, especially because me and my broke ass didn’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars to play a game. Wait, I already did that to buy a PS3… crap.

Our new expansion unleashes a whole slew of new cards and decks, and plenty of new activities as well. Seriously powerful cards lie in wait, so look forward to laying the beat down on your rival Planeswalkers, but you won’t unlock them without a fight. A total of 10 new Campaign challenges become available, which are neither too difficult nor easy. Those familiar with the series will be excited to explore the planes of Cravnica and Kamigawa. Each successfully completed Campaign level will yield at least one card, and you may earn a trophy or two as well.

A trio of new Planeswalkers will also make an appearance, each with their own deck to unlock. Additionally, a new Revenge series can be played by completing the expanded Campaign. These are substantially beefed up versions of every Planeswalker and boss fought before. The Revenge section is grueling and unforgiving. Be ready to die… a lot. An additional set of five Challenges are provided as well. These Challenges are much like the previous ones, presenting the player with specific goals to meet. Though I may not be a Magic veteran, these puzzles will test the skills of even the most experienced gamers. Read the earlier statement as “I died many, many times.”

In addition to the decks and individual cards, tons of new trophies and personae are now available to unlock. These trophies and personae are fun and provide added goals to the game, but they don’t actually contribute to the game.

OVERALL (3.75/5)

The Magic 2014 Expansion does a great job at providing an extended experience to an already solid game. With plenty of new things to do, I found myself spending way too much time playing this game. While the expansion does not add any revolutionary concepts, the fun is undeniable. For those of you like me with only a little Magic in their lives, you may want to complete the original game before trying to best the new, head-poundingly difficult Revenge and Challenge levels.


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