Nintendo 3DS Review: AiRace Speed

Use the force, Luke!

Use the force, Luke!

By: Uma Smith

Looking for a game that stimulates your eyes as well as puts your reflexes to the test? Then you may want to get your hands on AiRace Speed for the Nintendo 3DS to see if you are up to the challenge. Developer QubicGames previously released a couple of AiRace titles for the DSiware and is now at it again. This time, will players be “speeding” their way onto their 3DS eShop to download this title?

AiRace Speed is quite simplistic when it comes to learning the controls. As movement is pretty responsive, you’ll spend very little time getting acquainted with the mechanics of the game. Even so, AiRace Speed can be difficult if your reflexes aren’t up to… speed.

Behind this 3DS eShop title is a decent amount of content consisting of 18 tracks split into three segments. Most of these will simply have you racing to the finish line along cylindrical passages, but keep in mind that there are no opponents to go against. Each segment within the track has its own craft for you to fly, thereby offering a little diversity in the way you play the game. You’ll notice that there will be differences in handling, boosting and speed, which keeps AiRace Speed fresh in gameplay and content.

Nevertheless, the game does suffer a few moments of frustration that potentially hinders or diminish one’s enjoyment. As expected, there are obstacles littered throughout the tracks. However, as you progress further in the game, you’ll find certain obstacles to be unavoidable if you are not paying close enough attention, especially if they happen to be right around the corner. And considering how checkpoints can be placed too far apart from each other, playing through the same track over and over again can get tedious.

On the flip side, there are also medals to unlock along with objectives to achieve. This very feature keeps players engaged to the gameplay and extends the longevity of AiRace Speed, especially when you have those aiming to complete every aspect of the game.

With AiRace Speed taking place in the future, players should expect the visuals to reflect this type of atmosphere. As a result, the graphics appear to be both polished and stunning. There is enough color within the tracks to keep your eyes stimulated while the 3D effects help magnify its beauty. Furthermore, the textures are pretty sharp and the craft designs have enough detail to make this game looking stellar.

Hearing the sound effects in AiRace Speed can also get stimulating as you hear your craft whooshing through. The soundtrack consists of trance and dance music, which not only fit appropriately with the overall environment but also keep things upbeat and lively.

If you can overcome the learning curve, you’ll find AiRace Speed really exciting. To zip through tunnels with your craft and dodge obstacles give a somewhat thrilling experience. In addition, the online leaderboards update instantly, thus encouraging you to revisit your completed courses in hopes for a better run and result. As such, AiRace Speed can pump up your adrenaline to extreme heights.

OVERALL (3.5/5)

Although this particular Nintendo 3DS eShop title does not take too much time to complete, there are various aspects of the game that add replay value. If you’re seeking a surreal experience, then have a go at AiRace Speed.


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