DLC Review: Benjamin’s Flight (Thomas Was Alone)

Wow, I didn't know that bean burrito could give me that much of a jump.

Wow, I didn’t know that bean burrito could give me that much of a jump.

By: Uma Smith

It appears that Thomas Was Alone is no longer going to be alone on account of a new companion… DLC, that is. If you enjoyed the game on either the PlayStation 3 and/or the Vita, then this additional content, titled Benjamin’s Flight, will have you “flying” with joy. And considering that this DLC will also include a few additional trophies, you won’t be able to put it down anytime soon.

Benjamin’s Flight integrates well with the events in Thomas Was Alone as the DLC serves as a prequel. Here, you will be controlling a square named Benjamin (as the title suggests) as you set out to find the Fountain of Wisdom. Of course, he has the ability to fly thanks to the jet pack that he is equipped with. There are 20 additional levels included in this DLC, adding plenty of content filled with challenges and mind-bending puzzles.

As expected, you get the same minimalist approach to the presentation seen in Thomas Was Alone that you’ve come to either love or hate. Although the graphical details aren’t as elaborate, the charm still exists in Benjamin’s Flight. Additionally, the soothing and relaxing music brings out that certain atmosphere that will simulate your mind. On top of that, the voice acting that takes place during the new adventure has been executed really well, thereby adding further enjoyment to the gameplay.


If you feel “alone” after having completed Thomas Was Alone, then it’s time to rejoice. The Benjamin’s Flight DLC is “flying” to the rescue to attend to your brain-teasing needs. At a price of $3.49 at the PlayStation Network, you’ll definitely get a great deal of content here.


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