XBLIG Review: Rainbow Rapture

This looks like my list of reminders while driving.

By: Uma Smith

I came across this video on the internet where this guy was recording a double rainbow “all the way across the sky” …oooh! Although it appeared quite majestic and beautiful, I was bothered that the guy got so emotional about it (just search for “double rainbow” on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean). I wished I had that much enthusiasm for… well, anything. Maybe if I come across a double closet, I’ll start crying my eyes out.

Or perhaps Kindling Games could teach me a thing or two on how to appreciate such an “intense” rainbow. Originally unleashed for the Windows Phones, Rainbow Rapture may at first appear to be too simple for some. However, that judgment will soon enough be clouded by its addictive gameplay. That seems to be the successful formula for gaining market share from today’s casual gamers. And now, it’s decided to make its way onto the home console as an Xbox Live Indie Game title. That must be one “intense” rainbow!

Expect a simple story for a simple game like this. You start with a cute, little cloud named Rainbow with an unsatisfied facial expression. He is displeased with how the world has turned out and wants to eliminate all of humanity. I guess if one is upset with how things turned out the best solution is to wipe out everyone!

It’s easy to figure out what the premise of the game is — guide Rainbow as he kill as many humans as possible while flying through the sky and sliding down hills. However, you’ll need to put on your thinking cap as a little knowledge of physics will help. It is best to figure out when to have Rainbow gain momentum as he travels down the hills as well as launches right when he reaches the bottom-most part.

There are three objects that you can smash into while you’re flying and rolling down hills: hitting cars will speed you up, oil trucks will let you slide on the ground and blimps will allow you to suck people up. Such straightforward rules make Rainbow Rapture easy to be entertained by. It can be very simplistic at the superficial level, but that works in its favor in terms of retaining players’ attention spans.

There is a lot of replay value with the 45 challenges to conquer, such as eating a specified amount of people or traveling a number of miles without crashing. Rainbow Rapture also offers new layouts of hills for each time you start up. In addition, you have the opportunity to compare and share your progress in terms of distance traveled with friends online. These elements help add variety to the XBLIG title.

Like the gameplay, the controls are very simple to follow. Your main focus is the A button, which you hold down while gliding down hills and release to launch Rainbow. Additionally, you press the down button if you crash into oil trucks in order to stay on the ground and slide. This translates well from the original Windows Phone game where pressing onto the screen performed the same function. Therefore, the transition to the Xbox 360 console is practically seamless, if not improved.

Although I may not be screaming and crying over the beauty of a rainbow, I still find the visuals to be a delight. The colors are not only solid but help add shine to the experience. You also get some quirky comments from Rainbow as an attempt to make the game a bit more humorous. Gameplay remains smooth and constant as the frame rate is maintained without running into any hiccups (only people and cars in this case).

Rainbow Rapture’s cartoon appearance is complemented with friendly background music and comical sound effects. The audio doesn’t do much to amaze, but that’s not necessary considering how the presentation is already effective in captivating its audience.

OVERALL (3.75/5)

After spending quality time with this game, I’ve finally learned from Rainbow himself what a double rainbow means: your doom! (Seriously, that’s what he says during the game.) Of course there’s more to gain from playing Rainbow Rapture than such knowledge so don’t hesitate to pick this up as the 80 MS points are a small price to pay for the pot of gold you’ll find at the end of this rainbow.


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