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XBLA/PSN Review: Sonic CD

By: Jess Castro Everybody knows the kings of the 16-bit era, the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo. However, not many gamers fondly remember the Sega CD. Known for its game library saturated with titles boasting “revolutionary” full-motion video technology, … Continue reading

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PSN Review: Family Feud Decades

By: Uma Smith What’s the best way to demonstrate how close and supportive your family is? By going on national television, of course! That is what Family Feud was all about when it first premiered back in 1976. Family members … Continue reading

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PSN Review: Wanted Corp.

By: Jess Castro Being a galactic bounty hunter is a tough way to make a living. You bust your ass hunting for robot criminals and cybernetically-enhanced apes only to come home with loose space credits in your pockets smelling like … Continue reading

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DLC Review: Vengeance and Virtue (Marvel Pinball)

By: Uma Smith Zen Studios’ incorporation of the Marvel superheroes into its pinball titles has delighted many players, especially comic book fans, and they continue to celebrate the heroes we grew up with via Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation … Continue reading

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XBLA Review: Joe Danger Special Edition

By: Uma Smith When Joe Danger crash landed onto the PlayStation Network in the spring of 2010, Xbox 360 owners were deprived of his glory. However, this week all that changed as Joe Danger: Special Edition arrived on Xbox Live … Continue reading

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